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Sujet 1366x768 Mixlab 3.1/New soundcard technology problem

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Hey everyone I downloaded the virtual dj trial and absolutley love it !!! but I have a couple of question's though before I buy it.I purchased a Toshiba satelite A505-6960 and then I tried the demo of virtual dj and it worked like a charm !!! But I was lacking grapics really bad so I made an exchange and got a sony vaio VPC-CW17FX/W and got a great graphics card a bluray player and a 500 gb hard drive for a little bit more.I didn't know the NVIDIA card's are intergrated with the bluray players audio and when I tried virtual dj with the Vaio it would lag sometimes even after I unticked safemode and fooled around with the latency and that still didn't help I never even changed or tweaked the setting's with the toshiba it ran fine without making and adjustment's. The toshiba had vista sp2 the Vaio had windows 7.......... but virtual dj should work fine with 7 my friend said..... I don't know if what my friend said is true or what to do at this point should I go back and grab a toshiba with the regular realtek intergrated soundcard? The guy at best buy said it won't work well with the laptops that have bluray players. anyone have this problem or know how to fix the issue with the Vaio? any help would be great also another thought I had was my native resolution is 1366x768 and I hear the Mixlab 3.1 skin is 1280x800 will I be able to resize it to 1366x768 or will it only reduce the image? Because my laptop doesn't have 1280x800 :( I really want to buy this program my trial is almost up I just want to make sure I'm not going to have any problem's like the one's I stated above... thanks !!!

Posté Thu 12 Nov 09 @ 12:17 am
JeremKPRO InfinityStaffMember since 2004

Posté Thu 12 Nov 09 @ 6:39 am

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