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Auteur - Sujet SL1 Box not working with Windows 7 x64 PLEASE HELP -

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Posté Tue 06 Jul 10 @ 9:04 pm
I just got a brand new laptop and cant get my sl1 box to work with windows 7 x64. All i can do is select asio driver and from the drop down menu it says sl1 but it does nothing. Usually with my old laptop with windows xp where it says asio driver i can select sl1 from a drop down menu/?? any ideas

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Posté Wed 07 Jul 10 @ 8:00 am
Do you have Serato SL1 drivers installed?

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Posté Wed 07 Jul 10 @ 11:36 am
yes the drivers are installed infact i can run serato program no problem with my set up but of course i need my vdj!

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Posté Wed 01 Dec 10 @ 1:35 am
I have the same problem. EXACTLY. Can anyone please shed some light on this. IF I have to download a new driver, please let me know where.


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Posté Mon 02 Jan 12 @ 7:40 pm
Anyone ever figure out a solution to this problem?

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Posté Mon 02 Jan 12 @ 9:53 pm
I found the solution to my problem and decided to post the solution for anybody else with the same setup. I purchased a new laptop with Windows 7 64 Bit and Virtual DJ wasn't seeing the Serato SL1 box. The problem was the ASIO drivers weren't installed correctly. However, Serato Scratch Live would work fine. I found this solution on the Serato forums and decided to repost it here. If you want to see the original post it is here. Enjoy.

Shaun W 11:12 PM 29 December 2011 Hi mr187,

I found a workaround to your ASIO drive problem.

Please try this:

Exit Scratch Live.

Click the Windows Start menu

Click Computer and open your local C: drive

Open the Program Files (x86) folder

Open the Serato folder and then the Drivers folder

Open the ASIO folder and then open the 32 folder

Locate and copy the SL1 and 57SL folder (Ctrl C)

Back out of the 32 folder

Right click on the 64 folder and select Paste to paste the SL1 and 57SL folder

Once the folders are copied into the 64 folder and then close the Explorer window.

Click on the Windows Start menu again

Go to All Programs

Open the Serato folder

Open the ScratchLIVE folder and double click the option "Install ASIO Drivers" and follow the prompts.

After the driver successfully installs and your computer restarts, retest (you may need to disconnect and then reconnect your Rane hardware).

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Posté Thu 26 Jan 12 @ 1:21 pm
Hi, im new in this forum, i work with Vdj 6.0.8 and now with 7.0.5 Pro. I make all that you tell, but there is problem, after 2-3 songs skin is copy over another skin, and i look double. My windows is 7, 64 bit, and Sl1 driver 2.3.3

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Posté Thu 21 Mar 13 @ 5:08 pm
I tried this work around with no success. It goes through the process but does not detect the SL1 hardware. I know the hardware is connected properly as I can start up Scratch live and it works perfectly. I followed the steps exactly and the process makes perfect sense but it did not work for me.

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Posté Mon 26 May 14 @ 3:25 am
Try running install asio drivers as administrator - it does the trick for me

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Posté Tue 27 May 14 @ 6:00 am
This thread is over a year old. I feel certain the OP would have resolved their issue by now.