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Sujet Numark N7, VDJ7, Windows 7 pro 64 bit - Software Turntable Glitches
midi002PRO InfinityMember since 2008
Dear VDJ Software Peoples:

I went to my local music store and demo'ed a Numark / Serato Itch N7 unit with my laptop. Unfortunately, the software turntable glitches on playback.

Any recommendation or solutions? My system specs:
Windows 7 64 bit Professional
I3-330m processor
4 gig rams
200+ gigs free HDD
Virtual DJ 7 Pro

Just to let you know. VDJ does work fine with the Total Control Controller. DJed Halloween and it was fine. I didn't get to use my DJIO on it though. This weekend I wanna try it.

Also, I didn't buy the Numark n7 unit. Not planning to buy it until the issue is resolved. :(

Every control function works respectively. It just decides to freeze.

Posté Thu 11 Nov 10 @ 3:51 pm
Do you mean the V7? Or the NS7? I have used the V7's for a month now and find them very reliable. I haven't had any crashes. I'm running Windows 7 on a 2nd generation unibody mac with 4 GB of ram. the only issue I have is I can't start out on deck B without it going into super speed on play. Running 2 V7's I can solve this issue by putting the 2nd V& into master mode and then taking it out. If VDJ is freezing I would look to see what else is running on the deck. While itch should be installed, it should also be closed.

Posté Mon 22 Nov 10 @ 12:08 pm
I am running VDJ 7 with NS7. I had to make some minor tweeks and setup changes. Its working flawlessly outside of 2 issues:

1. My headphones don't always work properly. When I am playing sometime I can only hear one song in my headphones and my cue select does not work.

2. When loading a new song that doesn't have cue points, the software will start the song at any random point. Kind of a pain because it doesn't start at the beginning of the song and I have to manually bring the song back to the begining

Posté Wed 24 Nov 10 @ 11:26 pm