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Auteur - Sujet Can't find software serial number. please help -

count junkula
LE user
Member since 2010

Posté Sun 12 Dec 10 @ 10:25 pm
Hey all, i just picked up a mixtrack pro today and for the life of me i cannot find this cd key for virtual dj LE. im pretty sure i looked everywhere in the packaging and ive searched through some faq online but i seem to be about the only one having this issue. can someone give me a clue? thanks so much.

A Man and His Music
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Senior Moderator
Posté Sun 12 Dec 10 @ 11:41 pm
It did not come with a CD? No serial number on the bottom? Contact the seller or Numark.

count junkula
LE user
Member since 2010

Posté Sun 12 Dec 10 @ 11:54 pm
Thanks for the reply, i have a software cd for virtual dj but i dont see a serial number/cd key anywhere. not on the disk or the cd sleeve or anywhere in the packaging from what i can tell. i got the software with my mixtrack pro and it says it comes with virtual dj LE. i called guitar center and the numark help lines but both were closed. im just a little excited to play around so im hoping someone would come through with past experience and tell me where this serial number is supposed to be. normally i would think on the disk itself or the sleeve it came in would be a standard location for the serial key but maybe im wrong...or maybe im right and ive got an uphill battle on my hands...

PRO Infinity
Member since 2004

Posté Mon 13 Dec 10 @ 10:36 am
The code should be on the CD sleeve.
We are open today so drop us a line if you need a replacement. Sorry for the trouble.