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Sujet auto pitch matching
when i have been doing a mix lately this was never a problem before the tunes are clashing terribly im running pro 7.3 b422 should auto pitch matching be set to always or left as it was on disabled? two numark icdxs and a hercules rmx

Posté Sun 27 Jan 13 @ 9:11 pm
Auto pitch matching simply changes the pitch slider position appropriately to automatically match the BPM of the playing deck when loading a song, saving you from having to do this task manually. If you prefer to do this manually yourself by using the pitch slider on your your controller, then you should turn this off along with the option to reset pitch on load.

In both cases, you should always be verifying that the songs are beat matched correctly either by ear in your headphones or visually with the waveform before playing a song out loud.

No software can be 100% accurate in getting the correct BPM of a song, so in some cases you may need to adjust it. If you try to automatically beat match a song that doesn't have the correct BPM or its CBG (Computer Beat Grid) is not aligned correctly then it will not work well.

Please see:

Posté Mon 28 Jan 13 @ 4:56 am
Always use original unmixed tracks (original or remixed edits) for best & consistent results. Original stand-alone (unmixed) remixes from reputable DJ producers should be good too.

Tracks that have been remixed or that are part of a mixed set will surely not work correctly since the producer/author/DJ would already have altered the track's tempo to match his/her own set.
For example, if the track you are loading into a deck is part of a set called "Megamix Vol. 17", the for sure the track's tempo will not be consistent throughout the track.

Posté Wed 30 Jan 13 @ 3:31 pm