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Sujet Spotify in trouble
Look here.

They will survive this with a settlement, and do business a lot smarter. There will only be one streaming company, and it will be Spotify. Apple will continue with streaming for a while, and may actually survive, because of their loyal customers.

Posté Wed 03 Jan 18 @ 7:52 pm

Posté Wed 03 Jan 18 @ 8:31 pm
I think Spotify will buy them out, or the legal system will crush them like they did everyone else. As we have all seen, it is not easy to be in the streaming business. It is a lot of work and money. It is also a lot of work and money to shut them down. However, the music industry has a lot of money, and it just takes a while to get to the offending companies. Microsoft had enough, and they have a lot of money.

Posté Wed 03 Jan 18 @ 8:42 pm
Microsoft were the underdog though, weren't they?

I was a Groove subscriber, coming from the previous Zune software. I chose Zune because of the ability to download files and play them offline - a feature that I used in Napster before they got bought out by Rhapsody.

Now Groove's gone I probably won't bother subscribing to another service. The free option's good enough to check tracks out before purchasing elsewhere.

Posté Wed 03 Jan 18 @ 9:03 pm
Microsoft got into this streaming thing because they thought that they "should" be in the streaming business. As time and management changed, the new CEO said, why are we in this business? We are not number one, and it will cost too much to be number one. It is also a lot of manpower to deal with so many different entities in the music industry, that we can spend our money on more important things. Spotify has decided that this is their business, and will stop at nothing to kill of the competition.

Posté Wed 03 Jan 18 @ 9:20 pm
I don't think Spotify have bullied their way to the top. I think they're lucky to be the company that people associate with streaming. I think it's the public that have put them in that position.

Posté Wed 03 Jan 18 @ 10:08 pm
I still think noone that is DJing should rely entirely on such services. Its like with everything available on demand. It can be gone anytime no refunds or reimbursement for your problems.

I think Stream Service can work as a good addition to your normal music libary. But relying on Online Music 100% is just plain stupid. I ve seen comments on various sites where services where discontinued and people be like:

"I cant play at the Wedding I was booked for tonight"
"Oh my what I do now. You totally screwed my set for tonights gig in the club..."

I mean seriously, what DJ are you if you get paid but dont bother to purchase hardcopies of your music?

Yes, purchasing music and building a decent MusicDB is costly... but who said DJing is cheap and easy. As example I just DJ for fun and I dont ever earn money with it. Yet I keep adding tracks to my Database that I actually own physically and it costs more then enough... so I dont really get the problem of some.

As I said: The best thing to use Spotify and other services is as addition to your normal DB and nothing else. If you dont only you are to blame for doing so.

Posté Thu 04 Jan 18 @ 11:29 am
I and most of the Pro DJs here all agree with everything that you have said, and we have all said so here. Right now this thread is just about Spotify, and the trouble it's having. The reason I posted is, I think that Spotify will emerge as the premiere streaming service (it is now), but when it does, it will be available to all DJ software as a subscription. These streaming services have some benefit to me, because of the Shazam integration, and the foreign music that I also play. I just upgraded to 12TB of external storage, because the 8TB, was getting full with my extensive video and audio library. However, services like Spotify, Deezer, and to some extent ContentUnlimited, allow me to play Albanian, Russian, Romanian, and Turkish music that I get request for (and tipped very well). So I look forward to Spotify getting it's act together, but it still will not decrease my monthly subscription cost to professional pools.

And now to the club to cover for some wimpy DJ that is scared of a little snow, and called out.

Posté Thu 04 Jan 18 @ 10:47 pm
12TB? Wow!

I was recently looking at another drive because my 1.5TB was heading towards capacity (and it's got backups of everything on it, not just music).

The one I decided on (not got it yet) is 4TB and I figured that'd last me for some time.

Posté Fri 05 Jan 18 @ 6:24 pm
My desktop had 4 2TB drives, but has been out of commission for a few months now. I will probably rebuild it, but am still looking at alternatives, The laptop that I'm using had 3 2TB externals with 1 TB internal. I just upgraded to 4 3TB externals. I buy a lot of music and videos. My collection is not organized pristinely, I have doubles, I don't care about tags. Hard drive space has allowed me to take everything with me, because I play everything. Also I play 3 nights a week, and don't like to play the same versions all the time, or the same as other DJ's. I am actually playing six straight days this week, because of snow, and covering. I don't want to hear the same songs either. I buy songs I know will only be played a couple of times.

Most of the music today is disposable, that's why Spotify is so popular. Most new DJ's find this is the easy way out, and will not take the time or money to build a collection. Maybe if I just started, I would feel the same way.

Posté Sat 06 Jan 18 @ 9:22 am
Well I guess if you're a DJ who receives stuff from several DJ pools every week, you will inevitably end up with loads of filler. I know I did when CD Pool were sending me discs. I love the fact that we can buy individual tracks now, rather than have to buy a whole album for one song, or buy them in bundles like some DJ pools provide.

I'm very picky these days and buy only a handful of tracks each week. I like to think my main library is established and relatively complete. Perhaps if I was out more regularly it'd be different.

Posté Sat 06 Jan 18 @ 9:34 am
I like how Spotify pushes music to you based on what you listen to. That and Shazam intergration helps me find tunes i wouldnt normally hear. I do think they will be the last streamer standing...not counting youtube red

Posté Wed 17 Jan 18 @ 7:23 am