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Sujet How to program the automix by using both deck etc.
Hello, good day to everyone. Just some few questions since I am just learning how to play with the Virtual DJ on my Mac.
Please share some advice on how to program automix by using both decks or even more, without dragging the file on the deck first.
Like the DJ Pro app who automatically mix the songs by loading each song alternately on each deck while doing the automix.

Posté 7 days ago @ 10:11 pm
Setting automixDualDeck

Posté 7 days ago @ 10:56 pm
Thanks appreciate it, so where can I find those settings.

Posté 6 days ago @ 6:45 am
user11988306 wrote :
Thanks appreciate it, so where can I find those settings.

Click the gear at the top of the sccreen, and then select "options"
(there are about a million settings, so be ready to be lost for weeks if you want to figure out some of all the hidden stuff VDJ can do :) )

Posté 6 days ago @ 9:04 am
... also if you aren't too familiar with Automix, then maybe this will help you:

Posté 6 days ago @ 9:07 am
Super thanks man! Appreciate all the help and ideas, keep dj rockin'

Posté 6 days ago @ 7:46 pm