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Sujet Ability to agc the recorded audio file and set file name specs...
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There is an app I used to use on the Windows side called, 'hdogg'. Written for XP, works great on 10. It has the ability to 'track gain' based on input and apply as needed.

Second, the default file is just called 'recording' and it will overwrite (least the mac version) w/o warning. Any way it can at least default to the date/time as a file name?

Reason I'm asking is b/c using on a mac - recording the event live is very important to me. :) And don't want to engage multiple apps at same time.

Posté Thu 16 May 19 @ 3:45 am
For the second part of your question, open settings and change the 'recordOverwrite' option to whatever suit your needs

Posté Fri 24 May 19 @ 11:07 am