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NicotuxHome userMember since 2014
I know this first point was already debated a longtime ago but it was before some new features
and finally the taken decision was to prevent search from within askthedj folder to take care of selected "display only" type "because its to see if we have it"
heuuuuuu if i wan't to know if i have a karaoke i don't care about to know whenever i have the videoclip or soundtrack or not and vice versa
worst, if i wanna script I won't be able to get the right file easily, have to script a trigger

would be fine to be able to select whenever search in askthedj honnour or not the "display only" selection
and/or if possible to filter as with filter folder script as a parameter

second point:
ask thedj have a "From" field which is totally ignored
when a karaoke is requested, search shows everything mp3 videos and karaoke and have a singer field which is always empty
adding a karaoke file to karaoke list make the "singer" field empty
would be easy and user friendly to use the From field in Singer field from search to karaoke

third and last point:
search result, karaoke list, karaoke sideview and all other other have a "singer" field and a keychange field which can't be affected using browsed_song "singer" and browsed_song "keychange"
would be fine too

Posté Sun 09 Jun 19 @ 1:55 am
NicotuxHome userMember since 2014
yes, as you surely imagine, I was scripting an automatic wrapper from Askthedj to Karaoke list.
For now requests come from Askthedj, are searched for, then selected and added to the karaokelist
Badly even the singer can be taken from the request I found no way to set it in the playlist

Posté Sun 09 Jun 19 @ 2:28 am