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Sujet Interactive walls and or floors
Is anyone using anything like this at any of your events??

I think this is cool as hell and I’m sure I could add this to my setup.

What’s y’alls take on this and do you think it’s worth the added cost and setup time??

All comments welcome good or bad....

Posté Mon 10 Jun 19 @ 4:32 pm
let's just say it's come a long way since this thing

and he called it "safe outdoor fireworks" at one point

brainstorming ideas -
kids would go nuts for it and stay out of the grownups hair at weddings.
interactive photobooth type stuff where you didn't have to pay for props and whatnot.
and of course the occasional rave psychedelic trip videos for them to stare at and contemplate why the floor is melting when they're made of lava

Posté Mon 10 Jun 19 @ 8:17 pm
Damn Wild!! Come on man, give me these things as you come up with them Lmmfao!!

And yeah I was thinking along the same lines as you for the weddings and other parties!!

Posté Mon 10 Jun 19 @ 9:24 pm
I first started thinking about interactive lighting while reading science fiction in the '70's.
the hard part is application and tying it in to the industry in a coherent manner.
cost will go down if demand increases (or the Chinese companies copy it and sell it for a fraction of what the original is) and then whidespread use will require more creative thinking.

a kiss cam that explodes in a riot of romance imagery if it detects the lips pressing.... yeah that would be weird.
two dancers being mimicked from below on the dancefloor while mirror images play above
a dance floor covered in Shaders that not only react to the music but also to the feet touching it...

Posté Mon 10 Jun 19 @ 11:19 pm