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Sujet Issue with VDJ8 and running Mono out using SBDJ Stereo Mix Plugin and S9 in non-default plugin
karz10PRO InfinityMember since 2010
Hey All,

So I play a lot of venues that only have 1 XLR input for the DJ. Kind of a pain to break out a separate box to properly mix the stereo down for that, and I've always wished VDJ had a tick box to run Stereo / Mono in settings regardless of whether you were using just the laptop, a controller, or a true DJ mixer, and I've always had issues trying to do what others were doing with various tactics or plugins, but I thought I'd give it another go.

I searched the forums again and installed the latest plugin for 'Stereo Mix' from SBDJ, and at first ran into an issue if I tried to run the effect from the individual deck. It wouldn't work when I used my Pioneer DJM S9 mixer, which I finally realized that there's a glitch with the plugin. Other plugins like loop out, backspin, flanger etc. can be activated by clicking on the screen and enabling them, no matter what you're doing with the S9 mixer and is built in effects. However, you CANNOT click on SBJ Stereo Mix or the old Stereo Mix plugin while using the S9 and get it to work, it lights up like it's active, but it DOES NOT TURN ON. I then realized the only way to get it to work was to turn on the 'serato fx' button on the mixer for the coinciding effect for the plugin while activating the 'on' switch for effects on that deck, and at that point the plugin works on each deck. The problem with this is that you cannot use any of the mixer effects, because you're using the software fx via the hardware controls, you can't simultaneously engage the mixer effects without turning off the software effect on that deck.

So, I searched the forums some more and remembered you are supposed to activate the SBDJ Stereo Mix effect as a 'MASTER EFFECT' which solves the above stated problem, because its now applied at the Master Level instead of the Deck Level. Problem I have with this is that I am not a fan of the Default Skin and have been using the PADS Skin ever since I got my DDJ SX, even if I'm using my SB, my SX, my S9 or even Rane 62, I like the PADS skin with Video and Audio DJing that I do. So, in order for me to enable this, I have to hook everything up, launch VDJ, change the skin, activate the Master Effect, change back skins, which changes my wave forms, which I then have to set up again, and so on... If I have any issues and have to relaunch VDJ, I'd have to go through this all over again, so it's just not practical for me.

I searched some more and saw posts about changing the Master out to Mono, instead of using the plugin, but I can't seem to get this to work for me, I'm not sure if I'm doing something wrong.

I wish VDJ would just make a tick box that would be in the settings of every software installation, regardless of what skin you were using, or controller/mixer you were using, that made it easy to switch from Stereo to Mono.

Until then, can anyone help me get the master effect enabled on the PADS skin, without having to switch back and forth between the Default skin every time I launch VDJ? Or help me with the correct Mono settings in the audio section regardless of what controller/mixer I'm using?

Thanks in advance...

Posté Thu 13 Jun 19 @ 12:43 am
NicotuxHome userMember since 2014
You may create 2 different config in audio settings :
one for mono i.e.:
master "your soundcard" chan 1 (mono)
master "your soundcard" chan 2 (mono)
save it as "monoconfig"

one for stereo i.e.:
master "your soundcard" chan 1 & 2
save it as "stereoconfig"

and create 2 custom buttons
one called mono : apply_audio_config 'monoconfig'
one called stereo : apply_audio_config 'stereoconfig'

no effect no plugin no external app simply VDJ

other solution : use something like voicemeeter / bannana / potato
when you want mono, simply click mono for the VDJ chanel
or use its downmix 8x8 output matrix

Posté Thu 13 Jun 19 @ 1:39 am
NicotuxHome userMember since 2014
just remember ... master is routed to 7 & 8 by default on DJM S9 not sure VDJ have enable it as everything is configurable by software
it looks like deck send/return take place of it but may work anyway
1 & 2 is stereo decks 1 & 3
3 & 4 is stereo decks 2 & 4
5 & 6 is stereo sampler
sorry for that :(

you may try stand alone
master -> PIONEER DJ DJM-S9 (ASIO) -> OUT 7 & 8
if ok, you may then try
master -> PIONEER DJ DJM-S9 (ASIO) -> OUT 7 (mono)
master -> PIONEER DJ DJM-S9 (ASIO) -> OUT 8 (mono)
VDJ effects should work too

Posté Thu 13 Jun 19 @ 4:01 am
karz10PRO InfinityMember since 2010
I'm having trouble following this. Does anyone have any screenshots of a successful config using a DDJSX, or DJM S9 or Rane 62 with a Mono Out both channels in VDJ when you don't have a hardware mixer or direct box to drop the stereo signal to mono?

I've tried to use what's posted above but couldn't get any of it to work, but maybe I'm just missing something. I don't want to remap any buttons, I just want to easily change the config using whatever skin I want, besides the default skin, it's a pain to switch skins every time I launch or relaunch VDJ.

Posté Wed 19 Jun 19 @ 2:49 am