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Sujet Script Help: ONINIT to setup the FX panel
With your help I have created a great ONINIT that set VDJ up when it starts, saving many clicks.

The last change is to set the Fx Panel on the Default Pro skin to "FX x3 (full)".

Currently, "Pads 16" appears after restarting VDJ most of the time.

I have tried to uncheck the "Pads 16" in the selection menu, and it continues to be re-selected and the active Fx Panel when starting VDJ.

How can I either stop "Pads 16" from becoming checked, or have "FX x3 (full)" the active Fx panel when starting? (see pic)

No matter how many times I UN-check "Pads 16", on restart it is checked, and is the active Fx panel.

I have found these possible actions:


and have been unable to get them to hide or make the "Pads 16" panel unavailable.

Or is this done in the skin.xml file?

Thanks in advance.


Posté Sat 13 Feb 21 @ 11:05 am
NicotuxHome userMember since 2014
pad_bank2 off
and assure settings -> Options -> controls : sixteenPadsMode is set to auto
as there is no off this highly depends on controller

Posté Sat 13 Feb 21 @ 11:31 am
locodogPRO InfinityModeratorMember since 2013
skin_panel '@fxknobs_deck1' & skin_panel '@fxknobs_deck2'

Posté Sat 13 Feb 21 @ 12:25 pm
Thank you Locodog

That helped a lot understanding how to address the panels.
Currently, "Pads 16" appears after restarting VDJ most of the time.

during those times that "Pads 16" is not appearing, it did not work as expected since the script seems to toggle.

Would be best if there was a way to just specify the panel one wanted to display. I cannot figure out how to do that.

As a workaround created this script which works, for different situations is:
skin_panel '@fxknobs_deck1' ? nothing : skin_panel '@fxknobs_deck1'

for ONE deck, only deck 1.

If I want to set both decks 1 and 2 then there are 2 possible startup configurations, requiring this still simple script:
skin_panel '@fxknobs_deck1' ? skin_panel '@fxknobs_deck2'  ? nothiing : skin_panel '@fxknobs_deck2'  : skin_panel '@fxknobs_deck1' & skin_panel '@fxknobs_deck2'  ? nothiing : skin_panel '@fxknobs_deck2' 

If I want to setup 3 decks ( 6 configuration) this script becomes way to awkward.
(I could paste that here but would not help lead to a solution)

And head hurts thinking about having a script for all 4 decks with now, 12 possible configurations.

Is there an easier way?

Is there a way to specify the group for the Fx panel, with a script?

trying to understand how to use skin_panelgroup and skin_panelgroup_avail

what I can find is:

which does not include skin_panelgroup_avail, which is only shows

and would be great if I could figure out how to not have the '@pads16' available.
(could remove it from the skin, but may want to use it, at times) (requiring switching skins when wanting to use the Pad 16, which I can be done with a custom button. again big workarounds)

PS I don't understand how to use both, skin_panelgroup and skin_panelgroup_avail

skin_panelgroup 'fx' '@fxknobs_deck1'  &  skin_panelgroup 'fx' '@fxknobs_deck2'

skin_panelgroup  'fx_[PANELNAME]' '@fxknobs_deck1'  & skin_panelgroup 'fx_[PANELNAME]' '@fxknobs_deck2'

the above and many other attempts all do NOT work, to set the Fx panel to "FX x3 (full)"

Posté Sun 14 Feb 21 @ 5:31 am
locodogPRO InfinityModeratorMember since 2013
skin_panel '@fxknobs_deck1' on & skin_panel '@fxknobs_deck2' on

Posté Sun 14 Feb 21 @ 6:27 am
Big Smiles @ Locodog

Thank you and so simple

You Rock !

Posté Sun 14 Feb 21 @ 7:26 am
locodog wrote :
skin_panel '@fxknobs_deck1' & skin_panel '@fxknobs_deck2'

Thanks locodog
I used this variation to get the fx3 panel :
skin_panel '@fxsliders_deck1' & skin_panel '@fxsliders_deck2'


Posté Wed 29 Jun 22 @ 3:51 am