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Sujet Command to turn effect level to zero in one time
Is there a string of code to level to zero an effect? I would like to map a custom button to do the trick.
I means level zero not turn off the effect.
Using post fader effect just turnig off the effect It goes on. The only way to stop it Is reduce to zero the level.
Should be interesting also a global comand to level to zero all the 3 effects of a deck

Posté Sat 12 Feb 22 @ 1:43 pm
For all 3 effects on the deck that will be:
effect_slider 1 1 0% && effect_slider 2 1 0% && effect_slider 3 1 0%

Posté Sat 12 Feb 22 @ 3:30 pm
thanks a lot, it works like expected.

Posté Sat 12 Feb 22 @ 7:08 pm