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Sujet Virtual DJ won't connect to my Serato Playlist on a External Drive - MAC OS
Does anyone know how to connect their Serato Playlist to Virtual DJ from an external drive on a mac?

Below are the steps I have taken so far:

1. I have changed the Serato folder location in VDJ to the location of my Serato folder from within my drive
2. I have ensured that "Files and Folder" access in available for VDJ in my computer settings
3. I have allowed "Full Disk Access" for VDJ in my computer settings (In this setting I had no option to allow Removable Volume access)

The only thing that happens on VDJ is my music shows up but when I try to add it to a deck I get an error that says "Unable to open file (check Preferences->Privacy->Files and Folders) which I already did. I know there isn't an issue with the Serato folder because my music opens fine in Serato as well as in Engine DJ and MIXO. If anyone knows how I can fix this it would be greatly appreciated

For detail I am running macOS Monterey version 12.4

Posté Fri 03 Jun 22 @ 5:53 pm
azallaPRO InfinityMember since 2011
Consegui Alguma Resposta ??? estou com o mesmo problema

Posté Wed 29 Jun 22 @ 7:30 pm
djdadPRO InfinityDevelopment ManagerMember since 2005
Open one of the files that load with Error using Tag Editor. See what is the path the file was supposed to be at.
Does it actually exist in that path ?
Post a screenshot for us too.

Posté Thu 30 Jun 22 @ 5:37 am