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Sujet A couple weird things with the Numark NS6II
Neither of these are show-stopping issues, just a couple of weird things that annoy me a bit. Curious if anyone could shed some light on them.

1) VDJ only detects the NS6II after I've started it and quit the program once. When I first plug in the controller and start VDJ, I'm prompted with the EQ/Stems settings dialog, and the software does not detect the NS6II audio hardware. But if I quit VDJ and re-run it, then it picks it up and asks me NS6II or Computer for sound card out. Ideally I'd like it to just work the first time but it works pretty consistently the second time.

2) Headphone CUE split is ALWAYS on when I start it up. I've tried putting: setting 'SplitHeadphones' False into ONINIT and it still starts with headphones split. The only way I can disable it is by toggling the hardware switch for it on, then off again.

If anyone could shed some light onto these things it would be greatly appreciated!

Posté Wed 29 Jun 22 @ 6:02 am