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Sujet hmm, forgot 800x600?

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mamaPRO InfinityMember since 2003
Hi folks,

could anyone make all those real great and exciting skins in 800x600? On my music system I only use a 15" monitor, so the big skins can´t be shown correct.

Otherwise I had to upgrade to a 15" TFT. *g*

Posté Sun 24 Mar 02 @ 8:18 pm
HomeboyPRO InfinitySupport ManagerMember since 2003
That would be awesome, I've been bugging people in the forum to do this !

DJ Homeboy

Posté Sun 24 Mar 02 @ 9:08 pm
I have talked to the Master Skin Maker (Jim) .... he said eventually he is going to work on that. I think that is important for laptop users and DJ's like me who multi-instance and need to see both windows and rhthym curves.

-- Dave --

Posté Sun 24 Mar 02 @ 11:10 pm
OH ! If you are using a 17" monitor, A way around that is to set your resolution to 1152 x 864, when you use atomix. That way it comes out to almost the same size as when you use the 800 x 640 skins.

Posté Sun 24 Mar 02 @ 11:13 pm
mamaPRO InfinityMember since 2003
Well on my music system it´s only a 15". A skin for usage with an external mixer would be fine. So you don´t need the EQ, gain, volume and crossfader sliders and there will be more place for the effect, cue and loop knobs.

Posté Mon 25 Mar 02 @ 7:48 am

Posté Mon 25 Mar 02 @ 6:23 pm
JanoschPRO InfinityMember since 2003
after my next skin i will recreate a skin in 800x600.
I will start a Poll in a new topic wich one i should make in 800x600 because i can't make all skins in this resulution.
I work only with 1024x768 therefore the skins are made in this resulution.


by the way. New skin is uploaded. Omnitronic1100S.
Have fun!

Posté Mon 25 Mar 02 @ 6:36 pm
mamaPRO InfinityMember since 2003
Yepp, cool skin! This one would be fine as a startup! :-))

Posté Tue 26 Mar 02 @ 9:54 pm

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