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Sujet Live365 Broadcast Issues? Read here :)
Hi ya'll I'm new to the forum :) However, I figured I'd post this as I was quite frustrated earlier about not being able to find a working solution to my problem anywhere online. I work at an online radio station that used Live365 and was using Winamp to broadcast my show. Last week my brother bought me a copy of VirtualDJ as a surprise gift and I finally sat down today to start playing with it!

Much to my chagrin I found that when I entered my IP/Port info from the Live365 site into VirtualDJ's Broadcast config it would say that it was connected and broadcasting but when I'd try to stream the station Live365 would say that there was no broadcast. *grrr* I tried everything, blocking ports, unblocking ports, telling the ports their mother was a wilder beast and their father smelled of elderberries, etc etc. NOTHING was making it work.

I sat down and had a good long think about it and decided to try ONE last thing before I wrote it off as useless and went slinking back to crappy Winamp. I logged into Live365 and went to My Profile (little grey tabs in the main window). In that window in the third box down was my Live365 Broadcast Format ("Your Broadcast's Format").

<img src="" border="0">

The format on mine was set at 64kbps/44kHz/stereo mp3PRO. So, I go back to my VirtualDJ and change my bitrate which was set at 96kbps per everyones advice to 64kbps and tried for the last time to broadcast using my shiny new toy...

<img src="" border="0">

TOTALLY FREAKIN' WORKED!! So, if you're having the same problem just check what format your Live365 broadcast is set at then adjust your VirtualDJ bitrate accordingly and give it another try :) I hope this helps someone - good luck!

Posté Sat 17 May 08 @ 11:12 pm
Gah. Images didn't work...hopefully these work:

Image of Live365 Broadcast Format:

Image of VirtualDJ Broadcast config with Bitrate box highlighted:

Posté Sat 17 May 08 @ 11:15 pm
DJ-ALFPRO InfinityModeratorMember since 2005

Posté Sun 18 May 08 @ 8:42 am

Care to email or contact me? I have Live365, and have been using winamp because of the problems I have had. I have tried to configure as you, but still no success. Can you email me and we can set a time to work through it?



Posté Mon 19 May 08 @ 6:15 am
I think the problem might be that VDJ doesn't broadcast MP3Pro, just MP3, so you need a higher bitrate to get the same quality. =)

Posté Mon 19 May 08 @ 7:04 am