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djgunnie écrit le Wed 02 Mar 16
Hi Adion, Re my problem .VOB files. How do I go about sending one to you? Cheers
Steve DJGunnie
Rumorsniteclub écrit le Thu 03 Dec 15
Keep getting " ERROR " when trying to play some ( a lot ) of the videos pulling up when I search a song. This only started to happen about 3 weeks ago before that it was great. Need live tech to talk me thru while at the computer to fix the problem.
Rumorsniteclub écrit le Thu 03 Dec 15
NEED LIVE TECH SUPPORT PHONE NUMBER !! I am using Virtual DJ Pro and paying every month for something I can't even get anyone to call me back on. Is Atomix going out of business? Why doesn't the live tech support number work anymore ?
Dancechamp777 écrit le Tue 13 Oct 15
Adion, thank you for solving the Automix-skip bug (Build 2479). I now have a fully functional
working adjustable automix fade script that I would like to share with the other DJ's in this
forum who have been inquiring about this. Where can I post this for everyone to see and use?
Dancechamp777 écrit le Thu 24 Sep 15
adion - I responded on 19 Sep 15 to your inquiry on the
"Wishes and new features - Topic: Action "automix_skip" with longer or individual length"
forum dated Fri 18 Sep 15, where you were trying to help me deal with automix_skip issue.
You never responded.

I would really appreciate it if you could at least look at my response and try the
simple one word script test I outlined (it would take 1 minute to do) to determine
if you think there is a bug that needs to be fixed.

Besides being a DJ, I am a professional engineer and computer programmer
(database management) so I have a pretty good sense of how programs should
function. I would appreciate if you could at least let me know if you think it is a
bug, so I can start looking for a "work around". There are obviously numerous
variations of scripts that can accomplish basically the same things but I don't
want to waste my time if there is an inherent flaw in your system that will
constantly get in the way, and can be properly fixed on your end.

Thank you - Steven dancechampDJ écrit le Wed 13 May 15
Hey Adion,

heb jij destijds niet djdecks ontwikkeld? Heb ik nog steeds een licentie van :)
DJSoulman écrit le Thu 05 Feb 15
Its' still uploading. Should be ready in 15 minutes. Cheers, Les
dJ_ro_(ecu) écrit le Mon 23 Dec 13
welcome to vdj
pseft écrit le Mon 12 Dec 11
welcome to vdj
Moretta écrit le Wed 09 Nov 11
we're all grateful for having you here!
kradcliffe écrit le Mon 07 Nov 11
cioce écrit le Mon 07 Nov 11
Welcome on board ;)
armin mc écrit le Mon 07 Nov 11
Welcome Adion :)