floating around somewhere, sometimes here, sometimes there.


Blulite écrit le Sat 10 Dec 16
if you bought vdj then you can get a code, its listed in your purchases on your account page. nice try.
mannadabdo écrit le Sat 09 Apr 16
what i can do now
mannadabdo écrit le Sat 09 Apr 16
i bay virtual DJ but i didn't get my key code
mannadabdo écrit le Sat 09 Apr 16
can i ask you guys
mannadabdo écrit le Sat 09 Apr 16
Roc$tar Levy écrit le Sat 19 May 12
Yo, What UP!!
Seana23 écrit le Thu 12 Apr 12
still alive and kicking... xxxx
DJMC1994 écrit le Tue 28 Feb 12
Thanks so much for the help so far....
trilltalkradio écrit le Thu 16 Feb 12
what's good, heard you have a radio station you're building. I have my own as well. Let's network and see what we can create. Would love to share content with you.
frostedbreaks écrit le Tue 01 Nov 11
sir can you send me some kinda of diagram for dummies i got 2 pioneer cdj 800 a pioneer djm 600 mya 44 sound card and cant get the time codes to work i video a link a drawing anything would be helpful thanks man
Seana23 écrit le Mon 12 Sep 11
WHERE HAVE YOU GONE??? I turn my back for 5 minutes and you dissappear!!!

Seana23 écrit le Thu 11 Aug 11
Hey, you cant have as mant stars as me!!!!
Thanx for your sweet message on my board.
Ive been really, really busy so not been on here much but thought id drop in and say hi...
I hope your well babes.


Track Spanner!!!!

Roc$tar Levy écrit le Sun 10 Jul 11
West West!!
Seana23 écrit le Wed 16 Feb 11


Seana23 écrit le Fri 11 Feb 11
Are you being rude on my wall again?