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Facebook: Jimmy Lawrence
YouTube: DJJimmyLawrence OR DJ Jimmy Lawrence

I work very hard to provide excellent quality music, lights, & video for your party. The following information is provided to ensure you that I deliver the very best in DJ/VJ entertainment.

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slimcox1 écrit le Thu 13 Jan 11
I add you to my friends list
tayla écrit le Thu 03 Dec 09
now why aren't i showing up on your photo wall....
Caliente123 écrit le Sun 16 Aug 09
Whats Up Jimmy DL. I was at the expo on tuesday and left late around 1 30 am wednesday . I didnt say to see the skribble party. The only sampler i know that many djs use would be the Pioneer EFX 500 or the 1000
Caliente123 écrit le Thu 02 Jul 09
We old skoolers are still at it. 24 years rockin 1's & 2's.. Its DDD...DJ Caliente NYC
tayla écrit le Wed 01 Jul 09
just thought i pee on your wall while i was here.... lol
DJRudeDoGG écrit le Tue 30 Jun 09
Another old skool DJ here! 25 years!