Hi, I'm George!
I started to involve with dj-ing in 1992. I have been a Digital Jockey since 1998, and from year 2000 and afterwards I've went EXCLUSIVELY Digital (meaning that I don't use other media for my gigs).
I have been involved with some dj software titles development and beta testing all these years, and of course I've been an active member of various dj communities.
I have worked as an audio engineer for several years, mainly in the PA field covering various live performances from small bands up to some big names of the industry.
Currently I'm a resident Dj on a small club of a small town in Greece, and in collaboration with...

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DJ_Vet0 écrit le Thu 22 Jun 17
Hi Phantom! Pleaseeeeeee is it possible to add the BPM counter range in your Silver Sleek 3. It's such a beautiful skin but I think many DJ's would find this very useful! Thank you
dj bling02 écrit le Thu 15 Jun 17
just downloaded silversleek3. how do i toggle between video and different modes?
DJ GDW écrit le Sun 04 Jun 17
Hello, I use your PhantomFx for audio. This is very well solved and I can now with the Pioneer DDJ-SX the FX - EFFECTS synonymous perfectly control ... Now I have the question how with the video effects synonymous can make. Can you give me some support?
mysteriesman écrit le Sun 13 Nov 16
hi ive just dowloaded your patch for key bank, but where can i find it when i open VDJ? thanks
POINTMANDAPANTHER écrit le Tue 18 Oct 16
Just saw your responding...
natty kas écrit le Tue 04 Oct 16
i want help i just download virtual dj but the config button only allow me to upgrade to pro version
sonisphere écrit le Mon 29 Aug 16
I love Silver Sleek #3 but its missing the [key] knob.
djtyger_cristi écrit le Wed 10 Aug 16
please pionner ddj-rb mapping& device ? help me..
djtyger_cristi écrit le Wed 10 Aug 16
please pionner ddj-rb mapping& device ? help me..
montstime écrit le Wed 15 Jun 16
To all question-what is the recommended controller for virtual dj 8? I have a Numark NVand to be honest it doesn't always play well with 8. Sometimes my displays go out or when I'm using more than 2 decks there always some confusion. Tech support is good but I wish they start talking again.
kh039 écrit le Wed 08 Jun 16
converting from karma to virtual dj8, how do I establish a singer rotation list?
pioneerdigi écrit le Mon 06 Jun 16
virtual dj 8.2? where?
johncantlin écrit le Sun 24 Apr 16
Hey how come I cannot download this on mac?
RICHARDANIM écrit le Mon 18 Apr 16
Hi Phantom !
do you have the solution for the mapping of DDJ RX ?