Bren F

Producer & Freestyle DJ with an emphasis on crowd pleasing mashups.
Crooklyn Clan Featured Artist


plybrick1 écrit le Sat 24 Mar 18
hey I seen you in a forum talking about the DDJ SB3 how do I use it with Virtual DJ?
djtonis69 écrit le Fri 11 Nov 11
Seana23 écrit le Fri 10 Sep 10

...........................IVE TAGGED YOUR WALL......

bluntfusionn écrit le Mon 10 May 10
Ive added yo :)
DjMorpheo22 écrit le Sun 26 Apr 09
Hi, I added you on my friend's list ! ;-)

Bye ! Morpheo
djcity écrit le Mon 09 Feb 09
Stopping by to say hi. Keep the people dancin, Keep the party rockin, Keep the money flowin in.
bagpuss écrit le Fri 09 Jan 09
I'm here folks, stop by any time lol :)
Haui70 écrit le Tue 16 Dec 08
THX for the vci-midi lesson!
Have a nice day
phoward écrit le Mon 15 Dec 08
hey are you there
djcity écrit le Wed 19 Nov 08
What's up witcha...
I'm just doing my customary "What's up witcha" to keep in touch with my fellow DJ's
Keep the people dancin...
Keep the crowd rockin...
Keep the party movin...
djcity écrit le Sun 21 Sep 08
Just checkin in with ya. Keep the hits spinnin.
TearEmUp écrit le Fri 05 Sep 08
hey Bren..thanks for the add!...Peace T
bagpuss écrit le Thu 04 Sep 08
Hi chaps,

Yes I came back in August, was just a holiday!

Thanks all for the adds.

Who needs facebook!
spinnaJ écrit le Tue 02 Sep 08
Hi bagpuss, have a nice day;)