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Slyce has been in the scene since it started . Having friends Like Dj Addy , Michael Ryder and Mc Natural just to name a few friends who have been in the biz a long time and some who are the founders of Jungle . It was only natural that he would follow suit .

Slyce an Iraqi born , American raised and Canadian up bring , has been recording tracks off the radio sinse 1982 till tape decks when out of stlye . always bringing his friends some of the hottest...


DjMorpheo22 écrit le Sun 26 Apr 09
Hi, I added you on my friend's list ! ;-)

Bye ! Morpheo
TearEmUp écrit le Tue 25 Nov 08
Happy Thanksgiving..T
vj angelo écrit le Sun 19 Oct 08
Thanks for add
by Vj Angelo =>> Musica Per I Vostri Occhi <<=
DJ-ALF écrit le Fri 19 Sep 08
Whats up man? Thanks for adding me
spinnaJ écrit le Tue 16 Sep 08
Thanks for the friend request, have a nice day;)