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mikecruz23 écrit le Sat 02 Dec 17
Kristof St écrit le Thu 20 Jul 17
Youtube vid's are very helpful ! Nicely explained. Not evident for someone like me with minor (as good as none :-) ) experience in programming / coding to make syntax for sudden actions in VDJ.
I know a lot can be done in VDJ, IF you know how to program the action :-) (driving a car is very easy, if you know how to drive ...)
The vid's help a lot in learning 'how to drive' !
ohshit écrit le Tue 25 Apr 17
videos on youtube are great help
silverfox4562 écrit le Tue 20 Sep 16
I'll try later later today and let you know what happens. I appreciate you taking the time to help. Thank you.
djesquemusic écrit le Thu 05 Nov 15
Would you like to sell the SR. I think my motherboard took a crap and fixing it might not be worth the price and time without it. I'm hitting up my busy season and need a new one.
DJHoeimark écrit le Tue 17 Jul 12
skrev lige en kommentar til dit opslag i forum :-)