Fighting the war on drugs, not telling which war I'm fighting nor what drugs I'm on XD
(Bill Hicks joke)
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Built my own HID controller, I thought it would save money XD
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Once you figure out that everything you see or do in vdj is because of scripts, you're thinking like a 21st century DJ.
If you want a custom plugin writing or help mapping drop me a pm.

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Friyay écrit le Mon 30 Jul 18
Do you do karaoke DJ?
bigron1 écrit le Tue 29 May 18
Well done..VDJ scripting needed focusing and teaching ina methodical way.
DeeJay MAE écrit le Thu 27 Apr 17
Hats off to you. GENIUS
kevilev écrit le Mon 30 Jan 17
I'm gonna be forever grateful to you Locodog for making my Dj life easier. You took the time to help me with a complex script (complex for me anyway). I really appreciate it. Thank you X5 mil bro.
pablodjdenmark écrit le Fri 11 Nov 16

Your KeyLoop effects...will they come to ios?
ProfLee écrit le Wed 09 Nov 16
Nice blogs. I'm gonna try the Crossfader Filter curve script tonight
Dejayfranki écrit le Sat 30 Apr 16
Hello. Is it Possible the "Slipbreake8" effect for Mac?
Ich schreib mal auch auf Deutsch. Englisch ist nicht so mein Ding. Ist es Möglich den Slipbreak8 Effekt auch für Mac zu programmieren? Wenn ich eine Antwort bekommen könnte würde ich mich sehr freuen.
bennyd63 écrit le Sat 16 Apr 16
Thanks for your help with VDJ8 actions! You saved me a lot of time and make my mixes sound great.
music234 écrit le Tue 07 Jul 15
Thanks for all your actions.
Incizor écrit le Fri 05 Jun 15
I love the shrink loop effect (a bit too much) I use it to transition a lot ...a lot
sheproc1 écrit le Mon 01 Jun 15
works perfectly!!!!!!
scheladdi écrit le Mon 13 Apr 15
PatchN told me, the solution came from you.
Thank you for auto_crossfade script!
Works just as VDj7!

Thank you very much
ohshit écrit le Mon 23 Feb 15
Congratulation on your **** (4 starts) you deserve it. Keep up the good work.
ohshit écrit le Fri 29 Aug 14
thank you