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 It's the Dj

Thu 28 Sep 17 @ 5:36 pm

Whats up Family ,its been a couple of moths since I used vdj8 @ a gig I admit I was using the so called industry standard ,but really vdj is one of the most underrated software's out there, I always come back ,I guess i need to try something else to compare it with,don't get me wrong I never really leave ,just my gigs I was doing with Industry standard and believe me, that industry standard is so overrated,I figured it out ,without disrespecting anyone's talent, a lot of guys,girls just hate to change to something different,being a DJ, that is understandable,also I realize some DJ's that are rocking with no sync function ,might find it challenging to beat grid,or intimidating ,Yea I said it ,but Im starting to realize I bought a controller ,and I'm going to use it to its full potential ,maybe one day lol,.If I had turntables, I would be scratching and rocking,but for now I'm scratching and rocking the crowd pushing sync with vdj . To all my DJ's out there Keep Rocking and learning. P.S. sometimes I rather attempt a two click flare than lay down a beat grid over Motown tracks