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 I Think I Found It

Fri 06 Oct 17 @ 6:22 pm

After years of trying to perfect the BPM editor, I think I have it, in this case vdj would be the complete software, and I have tried the editor in them all ,I'm going to be honest, I was leaning towards the so called industry standard but that's not the case .I mix primarily Hip Hop and R&B so you can see why I had a challenged for so long ,newer music is Know problem ,but Older music is a challenge unless your cutting it in or riding the pitch,I choose to use a controller and sync also beatlock ,I Know you could say I'm not a real DJ.but thats really not the case I can manually beat match and ride pitch ,but I think it's so cool to have that xtra confidence, and time to do something else,or wow your crowd by ,not using Headphones