Live in Aberystwyth on the west coast of Wales UK, primarily house DJ with 25 yrs experience! 1210s - CDJ1000/DJM800 - CDJ350/DJM350 - XDJ R. Can't live without VDJ!!


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kefisounds écrit le Thu 15 Dec 16
there is no pic. for skins adons
acanul écrit le Thu 16 Jun 16
Rob, I downloaded the vdj8 and xdj-rx skin. I installed the drivers in my computer so it can drive my xdj-rx unit. But now I need to map the two. Do you have the map files for the two to interact? How do I go about getting the files. Please help, Thanks
hejzan écrit le Mon 29 Feb 16
Ant advise how to get a better sound from videos with low quality (most oldies).

A couple years ago i was using DJM5000 as a mixer and soundcard and the SOUND MAXIMIZER was perfect to fix pour sound quality videos.

But now i dont know how to get ut good. So once in a while when I play oldies im ashame with the sound quality
jdscooling écrit le Sat 06 Feb 16
Just downloaded Your Olds'kool skin, it excellent, just what i needed, thanks
RobGmixes écrit le Thu 02 Jul 15
Not sure Danny, might be a good idea to message PhantomDeejay as he did the VDJ8 version.
therowes5342 écrit le Wed 01 Jul 15
Rob, when are you making a 4 deck version for your classic Olds'kool skin man??

RobGmixes écrit le Thu 25 Jun 15
Not sure if there is one available. Worth putting a shout out on the forum.
dannygarcia écrit le Tue 23 Jun 15
hi, what link recommend for download the mapper for xdj rx for virtual dj 7