my name is DJ Wizzard they say I am one of greatest DJ's in world -yet I have never been signed - I have been doing this since I was about 10 and never quit even though my parents did not believe in my dream-all I say is that it does not mean you have to signed or famous -but when you play the world listens -I have had offers but I love what I do and I am 52 yrs old and suffer from a mental disorder and the music is my medication -remember to love what you do-not love it for the money you can make

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wizzard007 écrit le Fri 17 Jun 16
To everyone that is trying this waiting list to get a set to play on VDJ you can start your own station up for very cheap and build your audience -then people will find you but be careful if like me just want to dj and play and mix without being boxed in make sure you find out who they are working for and if they are getting paid for the station-its a lot of pirates out there-and then you have to do pro-mo and etc,,
wizzard007 écrit le Fri 17 Jun 16
hope everyone is having a great day remember to be a true DJ you must understand its about the music and the mix and never about the money-and never be a slave to a computerized system always keep your skills up
wizzard007 écrit le Sat 11 Jul 15
Hope that you have a good time listening to the various styles of mixes