vlnjacki écrit le Wed 27 Jun 18
Have add you
martomskit écrit le Sat 19 May 18
regarding your direct x problem,i had the same issue and managed to get my vdj8 working by uninstalling the last program i had bought and downloaded called (dual display)this caused a conflict issue with my vdj8.have you recently downloaded a new program since the last time you used vdj if you have try uninstalling it see if vdj works again as mine did.there could be a conflict of software issue.all others posts don't mention this and tell you to update direct x,update drivers etc.but give this a try if all your drivers are up to date.vdj themselves won't say to try technicians don't tell you to try this,believe me i had tried both and none even mentioned the possibility of a driver conflict from another program,but that's what was causing my (direct x failed to initialize please install correct drivers for your video card.hope this fixes your problem.kind regards.
wickedmix écrit le Fri 04 Dec 15
thx Loco .. i don't mind helping out where i can
locodog écrit le Tue 01 Dec 15
You're well worthy of an extra star or too, keep up the good work!
the SOUND INSURGENT écrit le Sun 22 Nov 15
Hey Thanks for the add bro!!
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Thanks for this blog ;o)
wickedmix écrit le Mon 13 Apr 15
Thanks maybe it can help some folks out
locodog écrit le Sat 11 Apr 15
Good research on the tags.