Version 7

Current version of VirtualDJ (ver. 7.4.1) is not supporting the device natively, so you will need to install the mapping files of the device by visiting this page:


note: Only the registered users of Virtualdj pro full can download the mapper

Windows : Double-click on the Disc icon with the Windows logo to automatically install the mapping files to your computer. Make sure VirtualDJ is not running by the time you install the mapping files.

Mac OSX : Read instructions on how to install the mapping files from this page http://www.virtualdj.com/wiki/How%20do%20I%20install%20a%20custom%20mapper.html

Sound Setup

Launch VirtualDJ Pro Full and click on the CONFIG button. Apply the Sound Setup as following.



Version 8
The unit is natively supported in version 8. There is no need to install any mapping files.
An Operation Guide for how the unit operates with version 8 is available here..

Useful Links
Pioneer DDJ-SB Special website : http://pioneerdj.com/support/product.php?lang=en&p=DDJ-SB&t=286
Firmware & Drivers : http://pioneerdj.com/support/product.php?lang=en&p=DDJ-SB&t=287
Product Manuals : http://pioneerdj.com/support/product.php?lang=en&p=DDJ-SB&t=man