Effects still activated

Q. Brake, backspin, etc. trigger by themselves after I have previously used them in another song

If you find that effects such as Brake, Backspin, etc. sometimes trigger by themselves at a similar point in the song to where you have used them previously then this will be because either the song ran out or you stopped it before the effect completed, so it remains active and will trigger at the same point in the next or a future song (This may not be until several songs later if you are playing shorter songs.)

To avoid this problem:

  • Turn on the option to reset effects on load in CONFIG -> Options. This will automatically reset any effects that are still active when you load the next song.

  • Make sure that you allow effects such as Brake and Backspin to complete in full before stopping the song (They will automatically stop it once completed.) Make sure that you also trigger Brake at a point where there will be enough time for it to complete in full. If you trigger it within the last few seconds of the song, there may not be enough time and it will remain active.

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