VirtualDJ 8.0

VirtualDJ 8.0 Pre-Release builds

Build 1785 - Official Release - (22 May 2014)
- fixed "stop" keeps the previous working cue in the list of cues to cycle through
- fixed browser sort
- switch pfl on timecode scratch
- cdj9000/400 show correct icons on lcd display
- controllers with sampler pad on both sides sync on master deck, not on their deck (unless samplerOutputToTriggerDeck is on)

Build 1788
-Possible automix crash fix
-Drivernamemac in a definition allowed without drivername
-Native camera plugin
-Allow crates to be dragged and loaded on sideview
-Deleting songs from sidelist no longer removes them from source folder
-Broadcast/Podcast/Record share vu meter
-Improve accuracy and performance of songpos and scratchwave on 64-bit
-Fix crash in sideview
-fix crash with line-in or mic playing on a deck
-fix english missing from advanced config language dropdown
-fix cukaraoke/video showing "already" when have cuaudio

Build 1790
-Fix context menus at bottom of screen on mac
-Fix possible crash in custom skins
-Translatable root folders
-Fix rhythm wave bug causing it to disappear partly when seek is required
-Fix songpos disappearing when seek required on mac
-record_cut action
-Sorting track numbers is numeric
-Fixed detection of midi controllers on mac
-Fixed plugins that showed gui's not being released properly on exit
-Fixed some mp4 tags not being read

Build 1793
-AnalyzeBeatTap crash fix
-Fix track edit file crash
-Fix crash sorting a list multiple times when the selected item occurs multiple times in the list
-Improve track edit file recovery when source files are moved
-Fix for camera plugin
-Fix loading CMYK jpeg
-Fix adding songs to automix after last song was reached

Build 1799
-Controller learn on retina mac fixed
-Popup menu at bottom of screen at correct vertical position on mac
-Fixed volume ramp on sample start/stop
-Singer name remembered when moving karaoke files
-Automatically send crash report to our servers on mac

Build 1802
-Fix video transitions on mac
-Fix pop when stopping playback
-Turning off sandbox reverts crossfader
-Fix various crashes

Build 1806
-Fix no sound when scratching while paused (from build 1802)
-Fix placement of Recorded file button on record page after recording
-Fix crash when trying to write database on a read-only drive
-Fix incorrect ".vdjfo.subfolders" being created when moving a virtual folder

Build 1810
-Fix some more drawText crashes on mac
-Allow multiple decks to be output on a single channel
-Fix pop sound on cue
-Fix possible automix crash when video closed or reset
-Automix updates gain before mixing
-Fix slider draw crash in some skins when no external effects available
-Fix crash on some cameras on windows
-Fixes audio dropouts when changing samplebanks, probably other audio/video dropouts too
-Fix some possible crashes

Build 1814 (27 May 2014)
-Fix batch-analyze sometimes giving wrong bpm results
-logUnsuccessful searches works with CU disabled
-Fix renaming of virtual folders
-Files scanned in order when added to automix

Build 1819 (29 May 2014)
-Fixes some videotransition plugins (mac)
-YUY2 support for Camera plugin (windows)
-Fixes Virtual Folders not stored some times
-Fix line endings on search log (windows)
-Fix renaming mp3+cdg files
-Fix SongPos shadow on high-dpi screens
-Fix possible skin panel crash
-Read track number from certain m4a files
-Fixes text display on Denon controllers (mac)

Build 1820 (Windows Only) (30 May 2014)
- fix regression bug on camera plugin (windows)

Build 1828 (24 June 2014)
-Video fps shown in cpu usage tooltip
-Deck video previews show visualisations too
-Default Pitch bend sensitivity lowered
-Remix field searchable
-Improve midi detection (mac)
-Camera plugin improvements (pc)
-Sample volume and singer column selectable with touch screen
-Fix delete confirmation on Virtual Folders
-Fix colorize video effect
-Fix bug reading Traktor cue points from tag
-Fix lock-up when resizing skin with sampler opened
-Fix crash resizing sample editor with video
-Fix crash loading certain custom skins
-Fix some bugs on the tablet skin
-Fix issue with multi-screen (mac)
-Fix crash when modifying controller mapping
-Fix images for custom definitions not working
-Controller images shown in correct size on high-dpi displays
-Chinese translation updated

Build 1834 (8 June 2014)
Fixed saving samples that are encoded in an uncompressed format
-Fix translation for root elements not working correctly
-Auto-gain still applied when fake_gain is used
-Missing folders in VirtualDJ documents folder recreated on startup
-User fields in filter folder can work both numeric and string
-resetKeyOnLoad option added
-New v8 'Text' video effect
-Sample editor mouse cursor getting stuck on mac fix
-videoFPS config option used (should reduce cpu/gpu usage)
-Improved visibility when moving position of items in list
-Fix 'deck master fx_slider' type of actions not working correctly on controllers
-Some missing translations added
-Fixed storing of order when playlist opened in sideview
-Fixed negative time display
-Fixed crash when doing fast scratch on loop boundaries
-Selecting the same effect in 2 slots will always load the same instance now
-Some small scratch wave optimizations
-Fix analyzer marking karaoke songs as regular music files
-Small rhythm wave performance improvement
-Fix possible crash reading corrupt mp4 tag
-Don't enumerate ._ mac metadata files
-Fix possible automix glitches with pitchQuality 2

Build 1845 (23 June 2014)
-Fix relative playlist paths not working on mac
-Some improvement for SCS.1d pitch stability
-Improve loading plugin ini file performance
-Fix VST plugin GUI broken after closing with windows X button
-Fix video window not responding when video initialized from controller
-Improve reading character encoding from text files
-Copy and move folders fixed
-Some skin fixes
-automixAutoRemovePlayed option also removes from automix when played manually
-Fix HomeFolder when it could have a back-slash at the end
-Fix memory leak in sample editor
-Filter effect added (for use on controllers with effect selection/knobs but no dedicated filter knob)
-Database cleanup removes missing file flag for files that exist
-Brightness parameter added to colorize effect
-Fixed sinc filter bug causing scratch with pitchQuality 2 being too loud
-Improve vid/pid detection for audio on mac
-Fixed selecting plugins using sliders
-Fixed video samples not properly released when video engine restarts
-Optimized framerate on mac (using DisplayLink to exactly match monitor refresh rate or half of monitor refresh rate)
-By default, skin is now synced at half the display refresh rate
-Improved text drawing performance on mac
-<bar> midi output can accept ccmsb
-Secondary sort order
-Fix pitch problem with timecode during lead-in
-Added skin fps to cpu meter tooltip
-Skin fps now more close to configured skinFps option (decreases cpu usage)
-Fixed "Full Kill" equalizer
-Fixed ordering and renaming of virtual folders
-Text drawing performance improvement (mac)
-Fix sampler_loop +1/-1 without slot number

Build 1855 (30 June 2014)
-Fix config window constantly refreshing when some ASIO soundcards disconnected
-Ignored controllers no longer make license window pop up
-Fix auto-gain off with unanalysed songs causing gain to change
-Karaoke background music works with only 1 song in automix list
-Sample mute also hides video
-Double-click song while in automix only mixes to next song when done from within automix list
-Some pitch improvements for denon motorized platters
-Fix pitch "all" and pitch "dual" actions not working
-Fix metronome on mac
-Fix favorite folder being created when mouse moved only one pixel while clicking folder
-Fix timecode not stopping playback when moving needle past end of song
-Fixed controller's recommended skin dialog wasn't showed
-Fix v7 tracklistings not correctly copied on mac
-Fix creating new playlist not working on mac
-Fix some sort bugs causing play time to be ordered wrong, and playlists not showing in their original order
-Pitch slider allows min parameter (for fixing reloop rmp3 pitch slider)
-pitch "touchrelative' for touch sensitive pitch sliders
-Fix bug reading iTunes playlist names
-Fix some Promo Only video crashing on load

Build 1872 (06 July 2014)
-Fix writing flac cover
-Fix prelisten getting broken playing songs with samplerate smaller than output samplerate
-Logout disabled in tradeshow mode
-Device definitions can have platform definition to limit to pc or mac
-Improve default resolution selection of camera plugin
-Fix header not written for .cue file
-Fix unable to re-order automix list when loaded from virtual folder or history folder
-Fix blackouts on some systems when skin fps is 30
-sampler_volume_master added for a master volume for sampler
-Fix possible analyzer problem when analyzing files with different sample rates
-Fix direct pc-to-pc broadcasting on mac
-Fix keepSortOrder false not resetting sort orders
-Synchronized play/cue now snaps to nearest beat instead of always going before the requested position
-fill="no" parameter for note bar midi definition added
-Fixed duplicate in list of controllers when buying PLUS license
-Full Kill eq improvement
-New "device detected" popup window
-UTF8 BOM marker written for playlists (fixes playlists becoming unreadable in vdj 7)
-sampler_bank doesn't block midi thread anymore
-Fix pitch-lock when pitch range is 100%
-Fix plugins unable to send "effect_activate" in some cases
-Fix audio automix removing video output of other deck during transition
-When a soundcard is not present on launch, use the internal soundcard until the one from the config is reconnected
-Fix HID controllers hot-plug on mac
-Fix soundcard hot-plug on mac
-Improve HID scan time on mac
-Fix browser_sort action query in non-english
-Fix finding missing/moved files in virtual folders
-Fix possible lock up when pitch gets too large due to activating pitch_lock at -100%

Build 1878 (13 July 2014)
-Fix problem with microFrames on mac that can cause image of previous video being shown when newly loaded video is of lower resolution
-"set_firstbeat" action added
-Fixed motorized platters behaving strange when platter was held still
-Fix distortion effect possible glitch when turning on
-Fix possible audio glitch when restarting reverb
-Fix phaser effect possible glitch when turning on, and high cpu usage when no music playing
-Fixed "file already exist" warnings when trying to reimport history after settings.xml was deleted
-Improve performance of browsing folders with zipped karaoke files

Build 1890 (20 July 2014)
-fix crash when closing vdj with new device window still open
-Read audio cd's
-Fix set_firstbeat
-Improved midi device detection on mac
-Fix lockup when adding lots of files to automix
-Fix audio drop-out when moving files around in a big automix list while automix enabled
-Fix play_sync choosing closest beat
-German language update
-Greek language updated
-get_beat fixed when samplerate was different from 44100Hz
-Loadsecurity 'silent' added
-Ignore dash in search when copy/pasted
-Fix some keys not showing when key detection is set to electronic instead of broad range
-Option to stop showing the login window on launch if you don't want to log in
-Can record wav files
-Fix problem with non-normalized utf characters in path names on mac that prevented cdg files from being read for these files
-Fix bug where .cdg file could be erased when non-normalized utf character were in the path name on mac
-Fix flashes on secondary screen when using videoForceFullscreen and focus to vdj is lost

Build 1897
-Fix crash on reading audio cd
-Fix sort on file path
-Fix wav recording
-Fix pickup controller mode not working anymore for sliders on mac
-Fix param_mod
-Fix Cmd-Q on mac not triggering close protection
-Double-click close button no longer bypasses close protection
-Repeat="yes" option for midi input buttons in definitions

Build 1900 (30 July 2014)
-Fix 'Remove' option in right-click menu in playlist not always showing up
-Camera plugin remembers selected resolution
-Fix crash when sorting in some situations
-Fix midi detection for bcd-3000
-Right ctrl/alt/shift can be used independent from left in shortcuts

Build 1901 (31 July 2014)
-Fix NetSearch broken for some files since Wednesday
-Fix possible block on exit when still opening CU files
-Hide files starting with ._ on windows
-Fix cover not always shown on cdj-2000
-Possible HS-5500 improvement

Build 1902
-Fix problem with autoupdate sometimes not updating correctly on mac

Build 1907 (6 August 2014)
-Improvement for motorized jog wheels holding the platter
-Fix position jumping while scratching with serato vinyl
-Possible fix for crash on playing cdg files in some cases
-Drag&Drop from Finder working on mac
-Fix empty custom_button used from a controller
-virtualfolder_add fix
-prelisten off fix
-ONEXIT/ONINIT called when switching controller mapping

Build 1910
- fixed translations not showing accents correctly in uppercase
- fixed using sampleSet zip files with banks and/or folders
- default 4deck skin can show 3 fx slots per deck (need a full install, autoupdate will not update the skin)

Build 1918 (14 August 2014)
-Fix downloaded plugins name on mac
-Fix playlist filename with accents when saving from automix
-Fix click-through of custom skin menus
-ccback added for jog wheel for controllers with different cc value for forward and backward movement
-Prelisten no longer stops working when selecting a missing or broken file
-recordWaitForSound fixed
-Fix possible automix crash when playing video
-Fix playlist copy to/move to context menu options
-Fix v7 import of Virtual Folders with certain characters in the name (*,?,/,etc)
-Fix cdj900/2000 jog display glitch
-Improve use of some icons for cdj900/2000
-MP4 recording uses AAC for audio instead of mp3 (fixes playback on mac in iTunes/Quicktime)
-Don't automatically load songs on invisible decks
-Fixed artwork covers when using linein

Build 1926 (21 August 2014)
-Fix context menus on mac
-Depth buffer available on windows (for video effects)
-Aftertouch midi message handled for sliders
-Fix slow waveform/cover update of Pioneer CDJ's on mac causing player to stop responding for a while when browsing or loading a track
-Fix first couple of milliseconds at start of some mp3 files being cut off
-Fix pitch_zero "center" when pitch is not yet picked up by controller when takeovermode on pick up
-Font Size and Text Position options added to Text plugin
-Fix context menu not disappearing after opening sub-menu
-Reload tags fixed
-Small improvement to midi detection on mac
-Fix rename of sample set
-Shuffle Once option added for automix list

Build 1932 (22 August 2014)
- new "vdj7" algorithm for motorized platters (in config/options/advanced/controllers)
- fix click-through in skin context menu
-Fix crackling sound in some cases when latency was configured manually
-fixed video samples in sampleSets zips
-fixed loading images from sampleSets zips
-optimized showZipKaraoke not to reopen all zip files every times
-Custom context menu resizes on expand/collaps of sub-menus
-Improve path storage in playlists
-Automix fix when using mixNow when playlist was finished
-Possible database corruption fix

Build 1941 (29 August 2014)
-Fix sampler sync with line-in
-LEDs on MIDI/HID controllers refresh much faster (can be slowed back with option 'controllerRefreshRate')
-new timecode engine

Build 1944 (30 August 2014)
- improvements on the timecode engine
- improvements on the motorized jogwheels engine

Build 1946 (2 September 2014)
- more improvements on timecode
- more adjustable settings in config->options->timecode
- fixed regression bug with jogwheels being locked for 1s after loading a deck

Build 1949
- improvements on the timecode engine

Build 1957
- fix timecode drift in relative mode
- can adjust timecode pitch parameters in options
- fix playing files longer than 26 hours
- Fix automix noise with pitchQuality 2
- Fix ramp up/ramp down in combination with motorized jogWheel
- crossfader_disable action added
- autoMixBeatmatchOnFade made optional
- autoMix time remaining more accurate

Build 1960
- new timecodePitchDelay option
- small fixes to the timecode engine

Build 1970 (21 September 2014)
- fix timecode absolute mode
-Fix mixNow not working when automix editor was used
-Fix automix editor size cursor not resetting to default cursor
-Fix load security window popping up twice on exit
-Fix file parsing bug
-Improve playing deck selection for external mixers with video crossfader
-Fix videoAudioOnlyVisualisation when the effect was already active on a deck
-Fix potential high CPU usage with timecode
-Fix automix editor playback pointer after re-opening
-Exit sysex messages send after turning off leds
-Don't overwrite stored audio config automatically on apply
-Only one custom button editor per button can be opened
-Video effects can be activated from controller, even when video engine not opened yet

Build 1973 (24 September 2014)
- faster search on large databases
- fixed song loading when loaded out of order
- prevent creating hotcues past end of song
- fixed some rare crashes
- re-analyze removes corrupted flag if file is not corrupted anymore

Build 1996 (08 October 2014)
- improved timecode engine
- new timecode config interface, with automatic calibration
- new algorithm for timecode pitch slider (with or without option timecodePitchSliderIgnoreBend)
- changed timecode smart mode needle-drop behavior
-vibration threshold for hid jogspeed
- fixed some potential random crashes
- better search in database when using accents and/or greek/russian/hebrew alphabet
-allow sampler_pad 1 "4x2x2" for skins that need a specific pad layout
-fix possible crash when analysing corrupt files
-Fix mp3 seek bug
-Fix not being able to set cue points before the start of the song
-Fix video mixing with autoMixDualDeck
-Fix videoAudioOnlyVisualisation sometimes activated for a very short time when loading a new video
-fix high cpu usage when using 2 pioneer controllers with same mapping
-Fix reverse on motorwheel controllers not being instant
-Fix drag files from Finder on mac with retina screen
-Fix loop_select having same range as loop_half and loop_double and not rolling over for endless encoders
-Fix iTunes database problem with recent iTunes update
-Fix 'other' plugins not correctly loaded when put in AutoStart
- fix regression bug on Windows

Build 2003 (11 October 2014)
-loops use local bpm
-fixed glitch at end of drop samples
-Fixed possible crash callibrating unrecognized or mixvibes timecode
- fix crashing bug in Stanton's libhs1394
- timecodeAntiSkip can specify the sensitivity
- fixed timecode problems when pitch>+-20%

Build 2013 (19 October 2014)
-Fix loops on variable bpm songs
-BPM display updated on variable bpm songs based on position
-Fix potential crash in skins with mouseMask
-updateHotCueOnCueCombo option to disable cue+hotcue overwrite behavior
-Video Sampler drawn on top of visualisations, but still before other video effects
-Fix import iTunes ratings not working for some files on mac
-When multiple sound card definitions exists with the same vid/pid, prefer the one for which the hid/midi controller is also detected
-Fix automix editor prelisten not stopping
-Fix automix editor prelisten reading out of bounds sometimes causing glitches during mixes
-Improve scratch latency for pioneer ddj-sz
-Fix slicer when using multiple buttons simultaneously
-Audio only visualisation can be accessed through slot name "audioonlyvisualisation"
-Fix bug with audio only visualisation being loaded multiple times causing it to use all cpu
-Fix prelisten player not stopping when closing editors

Build 2021 (28 October 2014)
-Fix compatibility with new iTunes libraries
-Lowered minimum level for timecode (to work with serato soundcards)
-Show calibration when selecting timecode for first time
-Fixed timecode button on audio config to use the correct soundcard
-Fix crash when trying to use 'audioonlyvisualisation' slot
-Fix automix not playing video when the same song is repeated
-Cue0 not locked by lock_cues
-Cue0 properly reset on loading a new song
-Allow dropping a sample in a specific location in list view
-Reload Tags correctly imports grouping and rating
-Fix videoVolumeLink and videoLevel broken during transitions
-Fix crash trying to play files that would decode to over 4GB
-Mac soundcard reconnect when soundcard unplugged and replugged
-Loop Roll and Slicer implemented as position plugins to reduce latency
-Fix certain actions followed by param_ actions not being executed
-Fixed bug in tablet skin causing cue button to overwrite hot cue 1
-get_decks action returns the number of decks the skin was designed for instead of number of decks active in the software
-sync action doesn't move position when track is stopped
-fix crash when updateHotCueOnCueCombo is off
-Fix bug causing some videos not to play in sampler, and take some time to start playing in the decks
-support NI controller digits
-use hidef icons in dialogs on mac with retina display
-fix audio config dropdown doesnt disapear on mac

Build 2028 (31 October 2014)
- automatic timecode detection and calibration on first setup
- native compatibility with Rane SL2 and SL3 audio interfaces
- performance improvements for skins with lots of nested panels

Build 2031 (14 November 2014)
- added compatibility with traktor timecode vinyls v2 ('mk2')
- import cue points from serato tags
- various small improvements to the timecode engine
- more choices in advanced option "getCuesFromTag" to allow import serato/traktor cues on existing database entries
- automatically compensate for badly wired needle (inverted phase) for traktor mk2 timecodes

Build 2048 (16 November 2014)
-Fix some OS X 10.10 issues
-Fix HID color output
-Improve HID digit output
-Fix beatphase detection bug
-Fix VST plugin parameters not remembered
-sampler_mode action can work on individual samples
-sampler_loop can toggle loop on/off
-Fix activating slicer or loop roll can cause drop-out for a short time
-Fix slicer sometimes not turning on or off
-Fix slicer when used inside loop
-fix sampler_mode for specific samples
-"None" option added for videoAudioOnlyVisualisation
-Small looproll fix
-fader start doesn't trigger loading of a new song
-slicer "step" fix
-effect_select_multi "video" +1 fixed
-fix loop roll position marker sometimes not disappearing
-slicer x "pressed" action to check difference between active slice and highlighted slice
-fix beatlock unable to pause/stop deck
-fix possible glitch when slicer button released
-fix possible crash when reading corrupt id3 tag
-Fix crash with some djc actions
-Fix visual type='color' on mac
-Filter folders using 'top' are automatically sorted now
-Reverb effect parameters shown as starting from 0 instead of from center

Build 2059 (23 November 2014)
-Midi clock output (right-click on controller in config window to activate)
-fix problem reading m3u playlists exported by iTunes
-less CPU usage when using complex skins
-effect_select actions with absolute effect number
-global sampler volume also affects video
-fixed potential problem with text transparency on mac
-sampler_group_volume index starts from 1 instead of 0
-get_sampler_bank_id and get_sampler_bank_count actions added
-fix motor scratch lock when deck is cloned
-fix plugins not remembered for more than 2 decks
-video editor allows images to be overlayed
-Some high-dpi fixes for Video Editor
-Fix playback of vdjedit files in some cases
-HID relativetouchslider
-Reverb and loop roll parameters start from 0 instead of center
-Improve selection of comment tag for mp4 files

Build 2064 (26 November 2014)
-Slideshow has option to play video
-Midi clock output setting stored in config
-Fix utf-8 titles not correctly truncated in status message
-Delete available for samples in search too
-File operations not performed on db when failed
-Fix some browser touch screen issues
-Fix sideview shortcuts with ' in their name
-Fix effect_select +1 sometimes lighting up
-Midi jog wheels that use 'inverted' note fixed
-Fix video edits with only image added not displaying as video
-Fix flickering in video editor preview
-Fix file deletion crash on Mac OS X 10.7

Build 2067 (27 November 2014)
-Fix bug with pitchQuality 1 for looped samples
-Fix some video slideshow crash
-Fix video slideshow time to max not playing videos till the end
-Fix regression unable to resize skins
-get_sampler_bank_id and get_sampler_bank_count
-fix for midi text out using sysex
-fix switching sampler from unmute trigger mode to different mode
-fix some sampler crashes
-fix sampler_rec not working when remix mode selected

Build 2069 (28 November 2014)
-Fix regression on mac causing crash when thread exits before startThread finished
-get_bpm shows local bpm
-Fix crash on windows with some midi devices sending sysex messages to unprepared buffer

Build 2073 (30 November 2014)
-Fix scratching jumping to loop position when loop is further down the track
-Fix reading interlaced png files
-Fix track edits with just an image not opening as video
-Fix search action not focusing edit in multi-browser skins

Build 2087 (11 December 2014)
-Fix crash on mac when scratching and pitchQuality set to 1
-Exists browser field can be sorted
-Group by genre filter folder recognizes multi-genre tags (separated by ;)
-Fix changing trigger mode from unmute
-Fix Slicer muting sound on first activation with on/off button
-Aiff tag reading
-Automix cut mode now uses 0.5 second fade like v7
-Fix midi clock output setting not saved correctly
-Don't start a second download when loading a CU track that is caching to a deck
-Caching a track that is already downloading doesn't block video
-Improvement for reading multiple tracks from audio cd
-Fix unicode compatibility for zip files
-Loading sample files in deck does not re-analyze them, keeping bpm and phase from sample
-Video logo position can be changed with controller license or karaoke subscription as well
-slicer 'length' and slicer 'step' usable in queries
-possible effect list crash fix
-Slicer 'length' and slicer 'step' can be used in queries

Build 2090 (17 December 2014)
-Fix drag&drop of mp3+cdg karaoke files from explorer/finder
-Aiff tag writing
-Prelisten stop on change option added to view options menu
-TouchStrip midi object added
-Fix changing trigger mode from unmute
-Fix crash when searching and corrupt utf-8 is in database
-beat_tap can now move phase by half a beat after 4 clicks
-broadcastSongInfoFormat option added
-'In Database' filter folder fix
-Actions from master plugin apply to active deck instead of master deck by default
-Fix possible Slideshow crash
-Fix beat_tap not working properly after more than 8 beats when scan engine was not initialized

Build 2094 (21 December 2014)
-Updater relaunches virtualdj with user permissions instead of administrator (should fix drag&drop after update)
-Change log can now be scrolled through, instead of creating a dialog too big to fit the screen
-Fix midi touchstrip object
-Fix some midi objects not updated with refresh_controller
-Revert plugin actions working on 'master' instead of 'active' deck
-Fix aiff tag title/artist not stored when loaded through Reload tags
-Fix for midi sysex text
-Fix for midi touchstrip object

Build 2117 (04 January 2015)
-Improve performance of browsing big folders with cdg+mp3 karaoke files
-SSE2 audio optimizations for mac
-Fix keepSortOrder no
-Fix drag&drop from one sideview list to another
-Fix headphonesfader and auto-pfl not working together
-Fix crash when manually entering a too large deck number in controller deck selection
-Fix some speedup glitch at the end of motorscratchlocktime in some cases with motorized platters
-Fix custom sort order for top filter folders
-Fix reload tags not updating title/artist when previously read from filename
-Fix jump when disabling/re-enabling timecode in relative mode
-Fix split recording for more than 100 splits
-Add Scroll option to Text plugin
-Add Font selection to Text plugin

Build 2126 (11 January 2015)
-variable names case insensitive
-Fix grid lines in 4 deck skin with left-right waves selected
-Fix reset sort order broken in previous build
-CU search results that arrive late are not added to current folder anymore
-Fix midi clock out speed when pitch is not at 0%
-Show login window again if log in partially failed
-Sorting by cover supported
-Fix bug with batch analyzing songs causing automix points to be placed incorrectly sometimes
-Fix .zip karaoke files showing up twice in browser on mac when zip was added to fileFormats setting
-Browser_scroll 'top' and browser_scroll 'bottom' actions added
-Midi sysex digit item added for Numark controller
-Fix deleting a sample from a samplebank in sorted list view sometimes deleting the wrong sample
-Add some extra margin when a right-aligned column is next to a left-aligned column in browser

Build 2135 (26 January 2015)
-set_firstbeat stored in database
-fix prelisten stop on change
-numark nv browser actions
-update cover flag when reading cover from tag
-Fix selected sideview forgotten after automatic update
-Fix script variables sometimes forgotten after automatic update
-Write id3 tag to wav files
-Read/write cover from id3 tag in wav files
-Fix lead in time on serato side b
-ASIO 64-bit fix
-Improved video de-interlacing
-Fix selected plugins forgotten on automatic update
-Support for older capture (directshow) capture devices
-Fix possible analyze crash
-"custom_button 1 5" syntax to select a specific variation of a custom button from scripts
-Fix rhythm wave cut off at end in some cases
-Fix cloud folder listing items double when drag&drop
-Prefer nameless comments in id3 tags
-Crossfader_hamster also applies to video
-Fix green lines at right side of some older videos
-mute action added

Build 2136 (28 January 2015)
-Fix regression causing crash reading some id3 comment tags
-Added param_contains action
-param_multiply can now take an action as parameter
-Some updates to default skin (high-dpi text improvement, eq_kill display)

Build 2139 (29 January 2015)
-Fix regression crash from b2136
-Fix ghost slider problem with master controls
-Fix 'days left' license text for some languages
-Security window always on top
-Fix Sonique not working

Build 2144 (04 February 2015)
-Fix Netsearch video
-Fix crash trying to disable audio only visualisation from plugin interface
-Fix potential crash decoding videos
- Other and AutoStart plugins now loaded if user logs in after startup
- Only allow one load point to be set in POI editor
-param_contains fixed
-bug with some param_multipliers being executed twice fixed
-right-click on sideview shortcuts to remove a specific shortcut
-fix slicer multiple button presses
-fix some mp4 tag writing/reading bugs

Build 2151 (08 February 2015)
-Fix regression crash on reading tags from some mp4 files
-visibility used for drop zones
-fix cue marker colors in scratch waves
-vertical scratch wave shows cue markers
-Fix ignore controller not remembered for generic midi devices
-visibility working for scratch skin object
-Fix some problems when using slicer actions with Slicer not selected in a slot
-defaultmapper parameter added to controller definition
-karaoke_add and edit_singer actions added

Build 2156 (17 February 2015)
-fix %Pcamelot to change as pitch changes
-Export option for playlists added to copy files all the files in the playlist
-Sampler output deck stored in config
-Sampler option added to apply deck effects to sampler output
-Slip disabled on loading new track
-Scratch wave default cue marker color made more clear
-Fix touch-screen difficulty to select multiple files using ctrl or shift
-Fix sidelist/automix getting cleared when updating
-Fix midi reconnection issue that could cause controller leds to stop working
-Year now stored when saving mp4 tags
-fix shatter transition block size setting whilst not selected
-fix skin <window> element opening behind main VDJ interface on Windows
-improve support for older capture cards in camera plugin
-Fix sampler sound issue when Apply Deck Effects is active

Build 2157 (18 February 2015)
-Fix song getting removed twice in Automix when remove played is active
-Fix effects not applied correctly when sampler apply deck effects active
-Fix metronome staying active in prelisten after closing bpm editor

Build 2158 (22 February 2015)
-Fix regression crash with effects on samples
-Resize and move grab zones allow for visibility
-Small sampler performance improvement
-Fix automix fade point calculation for samplerate other than 44100Hz

Build 2162 (26 February 2015)
-browsed_file_color action to get or set the color of the track selected in the browser
-Automix list scrolls when current song is not visible in list
-Fix seeking in some videos that can only decode from start
-Added support for mask to skin cover
-resize text using param_cast 'text' x
-set action returns value so it can be used on custom slider
-sideview_title action added
-fix audio only visualisation being unloaded when trying to deactivate it
-fix screen blackout when using some combination of video effects together

Build 2171 (9 March 2015)
-Slicer 'hold' mode fix
-Fix for using multiple video effects on master with certain effect combinations
-fix regression bug caused by skin cover mask
-add 'mov' file support to slideshow plugin
-Fix edit_singer locking up video and skin while entering name
-Bitrate for vbr mp3's corrected during batch analyze
-New setting 'hotcueMode' with options for play and stutter when playback stopped
-Change hot_cue stutter mode to use stutterCue
-Fix param_multiply not working in some cases
-Fix regression bug with get_browsed_song
-Relocate function automatically reloads song on deck
-param_cast option added to format numbers with a specific number of digits
-touchwheel backspin/forwardspin not triggered at very low speeds
-browser_enter fix for moving to the next subfolder of an empty folder
-browser_options menu improved for touch screens
-fix sampler actions when specifying sample by name

Build 2174 (10 March 2015)
-Fix crash on mac closing video window with keyboard shortcut when video window has focus
-Fix deleting files from playlist when playlist is not in original sort order
-Forward spin/backspin trigger speed increased to +-40%
-Fix regression causing loading to fail/waveforms to disappear when cloning song
-new actions repeat_start, repeat_start_instant, repeat_stop

Build 2177 (15 March 2015)
-get_browsed_song "already played" can be used in queries
-reloop_exit returns true if there is a loop to be relooped
-Fix reading serato crates where parent crate doesn't have content
-fix sampler bug when using sample actions with samples identified by name
-allow relocate on multiple files

Build 2179 (18 March 2015)
-playlist_add also works for adding files selected in sidelist to playlist
-fix focus during automix not changing just by adding files
-Fix log in window popping up twice on very first start
-More serato crate fixes
-Gemini controller browser support
-Virtual Folder fix when dragging new files from explorer
-Database copy file fix

Build 2185 (22 March 2015)
-Improved video engine
-Stutter hot_cue mode now uses last pressed hot_cue
-Improvements to repeat_stop
-repeat_start commands with same identifier now reset
-No mouse-over graphics and tooltips when using touch screen
-Fix hotcuemode play

Build 2191 (30 March 2015)
-Backspin/forwardspin detection speed increased to +-50%
-crossfader_disable action takes effect instantly
-custom sort fields working in filter folders using group by
-Fix 'error' displayed on deck on fresh install if samplerate is not 44100
-browsed_file_color "reset" to clear the set color
-get_rotation_cue added
-mute also mutes sampler if routed through deck effects
-fix problem with slicer buttons sometimes lighting up randomly
-if crossfader is disabled, it doesn't affect video crossfader in auto mode anymore
-fix midi clock output setting not saved when no custom mapping was created in some cases
-karaoke files are never zoomed or stretched to ensure lyrics are properly readable

Build 2195 (05 April 2015)
-Mono mic works with WASAPI when automatically selected as channels 1/2
-get_level 'mic' working
-karaoke videos not zoomed/stretched anymore
-repeat_start executes NOREPEAT actions once
-Fix case sensitivity issue with group by in filter folders
-Fix midi color table
-Fix browser_scroll 'bottom' when used on folder list
-Analyze 'Desktop' limited to actual files/folders on desktop, not including 'This PC' and 'Network'
-mapped network drives can have their own database
-Fix repeat_start not usable for certain actions (such as stop, play, pause)

Build 2202 (12 April 2015)
-Fix repeat action regression
-zeroDb has drop-down with db values for easier access
-VU meter performance improvement
-faderStartStop option doesn't switch to different cue if deck already stopped
-Config Window stays on top on OSX
-Reset Sort Order right-click option added for folders when a order file is present

Build 2204 (15 April 2015)
-Swap Ctrl+Drag and Shift+Drag to match Explorer (Copy, Move)
-Fix storing saved loops defined in seconds instead of beats
-'Stop on end' option added to backspin effect
-Fix parsing iTunes database with network paths
-Move/Delete file doesn't fail when file was still selected in prelisten

Build 2206 (17 April 2015)
-Fix regression copy/move tooltips from b2204
-Fix word wrap on action description on mac
-Fix VDJScript documentation url on mac
-Fix change log not appearing on mac
-Improved checking of moved files for Virtual Folders

Build 2212 (22 April 2015)
-fix some broken netSearch results
-Allow scrolling in effect list drop-down with browser_scroll action
-SamplerOutputTriggerDeck option available with master/headphones audio config as well

Build 2218 (26 April 2015)
-effect_select can scroll through effect popup if opened
-sample_color working for remix mode
-internal effects can now also be ordered in sub-folders
-Plugin subfolder with name 'ignore' will be ignored while scrolling with effect_select, or random video transition selection

Build 2229 (30 April 2015)
-Fix effect_select regression causing effect filters not to work properly
-Fix automatic re-analyze overwriting custom bpm/phase when scan version is updated
-Fix reading certain playlists on mac
-Sort playlists listed in folders alphabetically
-Ensure zeroDb config value does not get invalid
-Improve automatic deck assignment for controllers when some controllers have been assigned manually
-Custom remix points don't get overwritten when re-analyzing
-get_slip_active action added
-Fix login using Google ID broken

Build 2231 (1 May 2015)
- CUAudio catalog fallback to NetSearchAudio automatically

Build 2245 (7 May 2015)
-Fix problem writing certain mp3 tags
-cdg karaoke tracks can be rendered in 16:9 aspect ratio
-zoom letterboxing option allowed for karaoke tracks again
-Fix multi-window skin problem with windows that are initially hidden
-get_time_sec 'absolute' fixed
-deck x linein initializes that deck if it wasn't available yet
-get_rotation_slip added
-slip position added to gemini waveform
-no slip interference when scratching while pausing
-shift+drag can be used to move folders
-fix skinRhythm couldn't be on a panel that moved
-fix netSearch

Build 2265 (14 May 2015)
-fix get_beatgrid action to match description
-fix decoding wma files when output samplerate is 192kHz
-fix for numark nv automatic deck selection of displays being wrong
-support for custom mixer order for 4 deck controllers
-new action effect_slider_active
-Fix video drawn not pixel-perfect in some cases with DirectX
-effects_used 'deck' and effects_used 'master' actions
-Fix prelisten crash when using prelisten after deleting or moving a file previously prelistened
-Fix browser_scroll not scrolling from correct location after dragging a song to a different location
-new action get_playlist_time
-Escape key works to cancel security load window
-Fix possible issue reading remix and remixer field from Ogg and Flac tags
-Fix check to ensure VirtualDJ is visible on screen
-Fix performance problem with Reverb and Phaser when track paused
-Fix popup alerts from config window hidden on Mac
-Fix config record file selector hidden on Mac

Build 2276 (19 May 2015)
-search action can accept action queries using backtick
-fix case sensitivity for browsing unzipped skins
-in single-touch scroll mode, 2 fingers can be used to drag a song
-new vdjScript keyword: isok
-new vdjScript action: mix_and_load_next
-Fix using hot_cue action in stutter mode with keyboard
-Fix recurse not preserved when dropping a file on a virtual folder in the tree list

Build 2282 (22 May 2015)
-Fix 'effects_used "deck"' action
-Fix for relativetouchslider option on HID sliders
-Fix for rhythm wave sometimes not fully drawn
-Better results for netSearchAudio

Build 2305 (5 June 2015)
-new ContentUnlimited Audio core catalog
-new VDJRemote v8 on iOS and Android
-Fix for wide-screen karaoke file rendering cutting off part of the side
-Mixer order used for audio channel routing
-playlist_load_and_remove and playlist_load_and_keep actions use the first item from the list instead of the selected to match their description
-splitHeadphones master volume at 100% by default
-fix for hercules dj controller custom buttons not showing effects anymore

Build 2325 (12 June 2015)
-New core catalog for ContentUnlimited Audio
-param_1_x action added
-browser_remove action added
-Fix for cdg widescreen playback
-improved using 2 timecodes with 4 decks
-automix skip/mix_now length can be customized (automixSkipLength option)
-BPM editor can be closed using escape key
-exclude playlists from recursion in system folders
-some fixes to automatic deck assignment for controllers
-Fix reset sort order also hiding virtual folders
-Effect ini file is stored for plugin instance that was last modified
-Fix options window at 250% dpi
-Slideshow sorted by filename
-Cover engine speed-up when loading from cache
-Fix possible plugin engine crash on close
-Rewire not re-initialized on each scan to prevent audio dropouts

Build 2334 (18 June 2015)
-Fix bpm editor unable to type bpm manually
-Fix select logo from options on mac causing selection dialog to appear behind options window
-Fix logging of found sysex id
-Fix 'ignore' folder not ignored by effect_select +1/-1 correctly
-POI editor can be closed using Escape key
-Fix camelot key search
-Fix being able to move internal video transitions into a subfolder
-Add string parameter "random" to video_transition_select to allow for a manual random transition selection
-selectPlugin with float index uses entire plugin list
-Fix mapper KEY disapearing on selection for some controller mappings
-MIDI definitions without output channel defined can send on the same channel as incoming messages instead of fixed to channel 0
-vdjRemote browser can browse and add to sidelist, karaoke or automix lists (needs vdjRemote 8.0.2334 or higher for full functionality)

Build 2338 (21 June 2015)
- final ContentUnlimited Audio catalog
- new action browsed_file_reveal to open OS file manager to file selected in browser
- new action set_browsed_file_bpm to set or adjust the BPM of the file(s) selected in browser
- fix dialog hidden for manually adding remote IP on Mac

Build 2345 (28 June 2015)
-Fix sorting by last modified date
-Fix problem writing mp3 id3v2.2 tags
-Fix problem writing mp3 id3 tags when tag size needs to be increased
-CDJ nexus colored waveform
-revert default channel for midi out
-add remix to file names when caching cu files
-improve tag reading for cached cu files
-get_deck_color "absolute" action added
-fix possible click sound at end of automix
-Fix problem writing id3 cover when tag needs to be increased in size
-Track cleaner closes prelisten player on close so that song can be reloaded properly
-fixed update popup appears behind config window (if open) on Mac
-new video transition 'additive' which is useful for video fading with the volume faders
-Fix possible deadlock while downloading
-Save root in playlists to be more compatible with other programs
-Fix netsearch audio files getting video icon sometimes when saving to cache
-Global sampler focus for controllers with 2 sides but single sample controls (use "deck master sampler_loop +1" for example to use)
-samplerVideoVolumeLink option added

Build 2348 (05 July 2015)
-Fix POI editor prelistening producing buzzing sound with loop set in seconds
-Fix crash when adding file to automix twice from remote
-Fix mic not included in headphones output when headphones mix is on
-Touch wheel backward/forward spin threshold configurable
-seek action stops before beginning and after end of track
-Content Unlimited search folders always show results regardless of filters
-Scrolling using jog wheel works similar to scrolling using browser_scroll

Build 2352 (12 July 2015)
-Jog returns to wheel mode when loop disabled and it was in loop move mode
-zero parameter for midi pitch slider definition
-Escape binary characters in database xml to be compatible with external xml tools
-Auto-generate video edit by dropping video file on video preview of audio file
-Fix some old xvid video's not playing back correctly
-browser_sort action accepts + in front of column name to force ascending sort
-scratching on the skin allows backspins
-New script command playlist_randomize_once that performs a 'Shuffle Once' on the playlist
-Add file selector to iTunes database file setting
-Fix Additive transition on Mac

Build 2362 (20 July 2015)
-Update chinese translation
-faster sorting on usb/network drives
-force content shown in search content unlimited folders even with filters active
-New option autoSideview to have sampler_bank option switch sideview to sampler or not
-Fix sample syncing with variable bpm tracks
-fix bug in keyengine
-Copy database info when copying a folder

Build 2369 (26 July 2015)
-Fix video fading during Glass and Grid transitions
-Fix flicker at start of Shatter and Droplets transitions
-fix search for upper-case russian characters
-fix some possible automix lock issues
-with splitHeadphones enabled, headphone volume controls both sides
-Fix possible crash when a download is canceled
-browser_sort '+bpm' can be correctly queried (for leds)
-Fix effect list not showing up for LE mode
-Skin drop zones follow draw order
-Split headphones headphone channel is mono mix of headphone instead of only left channel
-Fix some video samples not returning to start correctly
-Fix lottery effect image list not resetting when selecting a new folder

Build 2378 (3 August 2015)
-Compatibility with windows 10
-browser_sort '+bpm' fix
-2-deck skin fix for rhythm wave left/right deck logic
-Make effect GUI buttons more obvious when active
-New video effect 'Shake'
-New VDJScript command undo_load to unload the current track and reload the previous track
-Fix possible crash after lost sound card is available again
-autocue mode cue/skip silence added to skip silence when no cue is available
-Fix rhythm wave not updated on left side when starting to load from middle of song
-Fix green line when using dxva on some videos
-Fix on screen keyboard not working correctly on windows 10
-fix custom browser lists not updating correctly when switching from list to grid view
-source="karaoke" added for filelist skin object
-param_equal accepts 2 strings to compare query action with a string (example: param_equal "`get_browsed_song 'type'`" "audio")

Build 2389 (9 August 2015)
-Fix slideshow sometimes getting stuck on black image when removing an image
-edit_singer fixed for custom browsers
-loop_roll can now be used on videos as well (switch on in plugin settings, or using 'loop_roll video' action)
-fixed loop action not always working correctly when loop size defined in milliseconds
-Add video option to slicer (switch on in plugin settings, or using 'slicer video' action)
-saveUnplayedToSidelist option will no longer add a track to the sidelist if it is already there
-items in the sidelist can now be added to the automix list directly by using their context menu
-fix potential crash in liveFeedback
-prevent history file to grow too much when no internet connection
-Performance improvement for track scan (multithreaded scanning where possible)
-Fix wasapi audio glitch at startup in some cases
-Fix elastique glitch on first pitch change
-Fix some potential noises when using pitch quality 2

Build 2391 (10 August 2015)
-Fix regression crash in b2389 with ScanBeat when seeking

Build 2398 (12 August 2015)
-Master VU meter reflects master_balance
-Fake Master no longer affects master volume
-Fix video slideshow not progressing to next videos when duration is set to full
-when controller is defined with 1x1 sample pads, the selected sample (sampler_select) is highlighted on the skin
-cda audio track always reloaded to ensure correct file when inserting a new cd
-new VDJScript command 'browsed_file_rename' to rename the currently selected file in the browser
-new VDJScript command 'browsed_file_analyze' to (re)analyze the currently selected file(s) in the browser
-new VDJScript command 'reanalyze' to reanalyze a file loaded on a deck
-'No 3/4' option added to Loop Roll to skip the 3/4 loop roll when using the slider parameter
-new setting quantizeLoop (VDJScript quantize_loop) adjusts loop positions to snap to a quantized grid position
-new setting quantizeSetCue (VDJScript quantize_setcue) adjusts the setting of cue points to snap to a quantized grid position
-setting smartCueQuantize renamed to globalQuantize
-Fix incorrect aspect ratio on some wmv's
-Fix potential crash in sound config window

Build 2412 (16 August 2015)
-15% performance improvement on launch speed
-fix potential problem when upgrading to windows 10
-Fix b2389 regression bug causing sound and waveform to get out of sync in some cases
-fix for temporary cue preview when quantizeSetCue enabled
-fix login window hidden behind config window on Mac
-fix seeking in track edits for preview
-Fix position shown in track cleaner

Build 2425 (24 August 2015)
-Fix regression causing reduced sound quality when mastertempo is disabled and pitchQuality is 2
-Fix cue_stop crash (#2399 regression)
-Improve scratch sound quality
-Add videoCreateLinkOnDrop option
-Fixed bug with removing items from file list when some items are still selected
-Fix filter folder 'User 1 is text'
-Improve use of colors in filter folders ('color=red' and 'color=255,0,0' both work)
-Remember last path used for Copy To or Move To

Build 2436 (31 August 2015)
-Fix delay between sound and waveform after seeking in mastertempo quality 2 (#2425 regression)
-Fix green on some videos with dxva
-Fix possible analyzer crash
-Fix unable to rename virtual folder with no files in it
-Fix custom context menu crash
-Fix detailed waveform colors slightly off and possible crash
-Fix possible crash in sync action
-Fix possible crash in Camera plugin
-Fix video getting stuck in some cases when using loop roll with video enabled
-Fix autogain not applied sometimes when using load & play in a single action
-Fix action auto-complete preferring synonyms
-Track Cleaner now correctly shows and prelistens modifications
-Some performance optimizations

Build 2438 (3 September 2015)
-Fix possible crash in skins using racks
-Fix crash when generating a video edit by drag&drop
-Fix possible audio encoder crash
-Fix green videos when dxva is enabled on nVidia

Build 2441 (6 September 2015)
-Auto_crossfade and video_transition can move to a specific location
-Prelisten start position stored in config
-Fix crash on endless recursion in browser
-Fix deleting custom mapper
-Fix loop_exit jumping to bad slipmode position when no loop was set and looproll mode was on
-Fix mac crash when loading or analyzing a file with corrupt length tag
-Fix mac showing certain notifications twice
-Fix Cube and Satellite transition position off

Build 2453 (13 September 2015)
-sampler_group_mute action added
-ONEXIT support for keyboard mapper
-Fix images in samplebank not showing on video output if samplebank was loaded before video engine initialized
-Fix loop_exit jumping to slip mode position when no loop is active
-Fix possible track edit crash
-Fix possible lock up of loading songs after downloading content unlimited song to cache on mac
-Fix video memory leak
-Fix playback of some bad mpg files

Build 2454 (14 September 2015)
-Fix recording/broadcasting crash (2453 regression)

Build 2465 (20 September 2015)
-Fix getRemixFromFilename
-Fix crash seeking some cdg files
-Fix memory leak when reloading skin
-Faster response of automix_skip
-Fix paths on database stored incorrectly for files on other drives when the drives are not writeable
-Fix database not set to not writable when permissions don't allow it
-Fix browser file list for vdjRemote in sidelist view

Build 2479 (4 October 2015)
-Reverb and Echo have switch to enable trailing stop when disabling the effect
-Feedback and Highpass parameter added to flanger
-Read Serato track colour from tag when cues are read
-Clone also clones loop
-Fix automix_skip when deck is paused while automix active
-Fix cue_name action problem in some cases
-Fix possible plugin issue when showing effect gui
-Fix possible track cleaner crash
-Fix possible video crash
-Fix detection of ASIO drivers with REG_EXPAND_SZ type (like Rane ASIO driver)
-Fix some problems with bad vga drivers
-Fix cdg using scroll preset
-Fix advanced audio channel selection hidden behind config window on Mac
-Fix renaming playlists and only changing the case
-Fix video flickering in track edit when source length was 0
-Fix possible batch analysis lock up

Build 2483 (5 October 2015)
-Fix regression crash when undocking effects
-Fix scratch/size cursors not working anymore after drag (regression)
-Reverb trail continues a bit longer
-Fix ape file playback
-Fix retina regression on mac
-Fix main window on mac getting behind dock when maximized and restoring video window from maximized

Build 2500 (12 October 2015)
-Reverb and Echo have switch to enable trailing stop when disabling the effect
-Feedback and Highpass parameter added to flanger
-Read Serato track colour from tag when cues are read
-Clone also clones loop
-Fix automix_skip when deck is paused while automix active
-Fix cue_name action problem in some cases
-Fix possible plugin issue when showing effect gui
-Fix possible track cleaner crash
-Fix possible video crash
-Fix detection of ASIO drivers with REG_EXPAND_SZ type (like Rane ASIO driver)
-Fix some problems with bad vga drivers
-Fix cdg using scroll preset
-Fix advanced audio channel selection hidden behind config window on Mac
-Fix renaming playlists and only changing the case
-Fix video flickering in track edit when source length was 0
-Fix possible batch analysis lock up

Build 2520 (20 October 2015)
-Fix rare mac crash when scanning audio devices
-Fix rare tag editor crash
-Fix wma lossless playback
-Fix rare lockup on some vst effects
-added option 'Ignore' to move internal plugins to ignore list
-Add custom mapping option to mapper list when no mapper is present to make it more clear how to create a new mapper
-v7 filter effect added to blocked plugin list since causes crash on release
-Options expanded by default when advanced options disabled
-Fix Title video effect showing previous song when started
-Add frequency selection to Shake video effect
-Fix ASIO issue when using inputs and ASIO samplerate different from internal samplerate
-Update for Chinese translation to include skin translation
-Implemented saved loops with fixed numerical slots
-New VDJScript command saved_loop which saves or loads and jumps to a saved loop
-New VDJScript command saved_loop_prepare which saves or loads a saved loop
-Fix possible crash in set_browsed_file_bpm
-Fix systray notifications in windows 10
-Xiami used for netsearch audio when profile country set to chinese, or language set to chinese
-Fix undocked plugin windows on mac
-fix pen input
-invert_deck action added to swap left deck between deck 1 and 3, or right deck between deck 2 and 4
-left and right added as deck assign option for single deck controllers
-When Chinese is selected as language, Microsoft YaHei is selected as font to get consistent character size
-Existing saved loops with no slot and no name assigned slot number automatically so they can still be accessed
-Add 'Content Unlimited' text above content unlimited search results

Build 2522 (21 October 2015)
-Fix regression crash in update popup on Mac

Build 2523 (3 November 2015)
- fix NetSearch new format

VirtualDJ 8.1 Pre-Release builds

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