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Sujet Hot Cue Point Saving Incorrectly - CDJ3000 and VDJ8 8.5
Good Evening Ladies and Gents,

I was hoping someone could give me a quick fix or information on why my hot cues, from the VDJ8 to the CDJ3000 are not in the exact same spot for each device. Also, if I save a hot cue on the CDJ and have it imported to vdj8, it also shows up 1/16 off beat, either before or after the hot cue location on the CDJ.

I've tried formatting the USB, using a different USB but it's all the same.

On the CDJ, a Hot Cue is saved to a specific part of the song to the thousandths 2.48.421. Is there a way to make VDJ8 display songs in this format? Perhaps, it will help with the location of the Hot Cue and make it more precise when saving and exporting/importing.

Beat grids are = on both VDJ8 and CDJ. Just HC is off.


Posté Mon 22 Aug 22 @ 5:35 am
For example: if the VDJ 8 hot cue is set to 1:20, the CDJ hot cue will be 1:20:102

Posté Tue 23 Aug 22 @ 12:22 am