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Sujet Saving stems to external drive: automatic check for available sources
Hey folks,
first of all: the new stems engine is absolutely amazing - thanks and kudos to the team!!!

I have a - maybe edge-case - feature request:
I use an external hdd (mounted as a network drive) to store all stems, because I have all music files locally stored on my MacBook and will run out out disk space if I would have all stems next to the original sound files.

When I'm on the road and on a gig, I would use the external HDD directly via USB. In this case, I have to change the directory path manually in the options. When I miss that step, all newly generated files will be stored on my internal drive AND directly in the same folders as the originals. So I can't simply move them to the external HDD afterwards because of the different folder structure, VDJ creates when enabling the option to store Stems on a separate device.

So, would it be possible to add an option for additional (fallback) directories, VDJ is using for storing or using stems (check folder path A, if nothing is found, use folder path B)?
Or maybe also creating folders for stems when they were stored next to the source files? In this case, I would move these folders to the external source.

Hope, you can follow my bumpy explanations... ;-)

Thanks in advance

Posté Sat 14 Jan 23 @ 5:47 pm