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Sujet Use the DDJ 1000 hardware FX with VDJ
I have a DDJ 1000 and wanted to try stems so I downloaded VDJ. I would like to use the built-in hardware effects of the DDJ 1000 instead of the VDJ software effects. Is there a way to disable the software effects so they don't replace the hardware ones when lunching VDJ?

Thanks !

Posté Tue 24 Jan 23 @ 9:51 pm

Read the effects "disclaimer"

It's not possible to use "hardware" effects for digital audio sources EVEN WITH REKORDBOX.
The only difference with Rekordbox DJ is that it emulates the hardware effects in software mode.
In fact, you can select an effect on DDJ-1000, then use Rekordbox DJ GUI to select another and have the controller apply a different effect than the one it's supposed to, exactly because the effects are always provided by the software for digital audio sources (USB A or USB B bus)

Posté Wed 25 Jan 23 @ 9:42 am