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Sujet Looking for the best software to create track number?

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Hi there,

I'M looking for the best Track editor software that can add Track numbers ie. 1 - 15 to my mixes so that I can burn it properly to CD. I currenly use Nero Burner to create track number but it still creates a noise when your CD goes to the next track. I'm trying to get rid of that glitch.

Thank You!


Posté Mon 30 Jul 01 @ 2:19 pm
I read something here about Feurio which is a shareware that allow you to do what you want to do.
It seems to work fine.

Posté Mon 30 Jul 01 @ 3:21 pm
I use cdr-win and just write my own cue files. It's pretty simple, and elimininates the pause between tracks.

Posté Mon 30 Jul 01 @ 10:23 pm
i USE CDR-CUE. It is a simple cue sheet editor program that is compatible w/ fireburner. Very easy to use.

Posté Tue 31 Jul 01 @ 6:23 pm

Posté Wed 01 Aug 01 @ 5:28 am
Thanks all, great help

Posté Wed 01 Aug 01 @ 1:10 pm
I use Sonic Foundry's Sound Forge. It takes a little time, but its perfect!!

Posté Wed 15 Aug 01 @ 3:19 pm

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