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Q: I have downloaded VirtualDJ from a warez site, P2P or torrent and it is not working

With the exception of VirtualDJ Home FREE, VirtualDJ is not free software and is a commercial software product that must be purchased.

However, unfortunately some users do not place any value in the software and/or music that they use to perform their job and may choose to use an illegal pirate version and/or illegally downloaded music.

Illegal pirate versions rarely work reliably due to illegal modifications made to the software by the hackers who created the cracked version and are also usually old and out-of-date versions of the software.

Illegal versions may also contain viruses, spyware and other malicious software which may harm your computer or expose your on-line accounts and passwords to fraud.

If you like VirtualDJ and/or use it to perform paid DJ gigs, please support the software and its future development by purchasing it.

If you are a working DJ, then you may be putting your job at risk by relying on illegal software that may crash on you or not work correctly and/or poor quality illegal music downloads. You could also face prosecution if you are caught using illegally obtained software and/or music at your gig.

If you are using VirtualDJ for home use only and do not need to use MIDI controllers, timecode, full-screen video, etc., then you can download and use VirtualDJ Home FREE - This version can be used completely free of charge for non-commercial use (It cannot be used a DJ gigs where you are being paid.)


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