VDJ MIDI Controll Definer

Nom: VDJ MIDI Controll Definer
Auteur: Chackl - Ultra-VIP Member -

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I'm C.Hackl a Developer of Mainstream Audio VST. In the past I programmed a lot VST plugins but since I'm working I don't find time to program VST. BUT tools like this are no problem.. because i've to use a little my licence of SynthMaker too.

This is a little tool that makes it very easy to define a MIDI controller XML.

Functions of Version 1
* Find out your SysEx ID automaticaly
* Move a Slider or Button on Controler and set up the settings of it. The Parameters are saved to the XML
* Export the finished Device Definition
* Load any existing Definition XML

1.0.1 - Some Adds some Fixes
* SysEx-Text did not work
* Added Drop-Down Menu
* Added Fullscreen and zoom

1.0 - Next Generation
* XML is now Createt in DB-Format
* New Better Listbox Handling
* Define every possible Element that VDJ is able to handel
* Load XML is included
* New Output Texter with SysEx (to create Ascitext just write the text in ' " ' e.g: F0"Hello World"F7)

0.5.1b - Big Bug fix
* XML manager did not export the lines. Thanks to "Humberto" to give me the notice to that!

Note: Tool is still in developement phase! please contact the user chackl if you find any bugs.