VirtualDj Small Tagger

Nom: VirtualDj Small Tagger
Auteur: PhantomDeejay - Atomix Productions -

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VirtualDj Small Tagger is a small utility that will allow you to copy file infos back and forth between the id3v2 tags of your mp3 files and your VirtualDj XML database.
Currently it only works for MP3 files, but other media formats might be supported in the future.
Also besides the info exchange the app offers a couple of tools to work directly on your XML database like clearing "Field1" and "Field2" data, or exchange the info between these two fields.

The application will automatically take backup(s) of your XML database files each time you save the changes.
However it's strongly recommended to take your own backup(s) of both the XML database files and your media files.

I will not be held responsible for any data loss / data corruption produced by this app!

Online manual for this app can be found here: