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Auteur - Sujet d3dx9_33.dll error? Don’t sweet it! [SOLVED] -

Dj Chachi

Professional edition user
Posté Mon 01 Dec 08 @ 11:05 am
D3dx9_33.dll error? Don’t sweet it!

Have you ever started virtualdj and had dialog pop up with the following error?

Title: “Virtualdj: virtualdj.exe unable to locate component.”

Message: This application has failed to start because d3dx9_33.dll was not found – Re installing the application may fix this problem


Don’t sweet it, don’t re install the application and don’t do a DirectX update, well you can if you want to but I don't think is going to help. I’ll tell you a shortcut.

Download the sucker from this site and put it on the Windows/System folder

It should fix your problem; it fixed mine for sure.

This tip if for Windows XP.


Posté Mon 01 Dec 08 @ 11:10 am
Installing latest DirectX 9 November 2008 edition will solve that problem:
Right Click>Save As

But yes, you can solve it the way you described also.

Dj Chachi

Professional edition user
Posté Mon 01 Dec 08 @ 11:59 am
Well computers act differently. On my case I formatted the hard drive, installed Windows XP, virtualdj and guess what, got the same error. Downloaded the DirectX 9c installed and guess what, same error.

So I downloaded the file, put it manually and Waaaaallaaaaa problem fixed. I know computer sometimes act strange even if they are alike, what is good for one is not necessary good for the other, I’ve seen this many times, since I do computer config and repairs.

As long as the problem is fixed, everything is valid.


Atomix Productions
Posté Mon 01 Dec 08 @ 3:38 pm
Alternatively you can follow this sticky of mine in the top of the plugins section:

You don't download the DirectX 9.0c install, you download either the very latest full runtime, or run the web installer which will update to the latest.

As for manually copying the file, as someone who develops DirectX plugins, I recommend against this. Installing the latest DirectX updates (as specified in my post) will fix this. If it doesn't, you have a very serious DirectX issue!

What are you going to do if you're halfway through a gig and another dependancy crops up from a plugin and you can't run it? Installing the latest DirectX updates will ensure all DirectX files and dependancies are there, and registered on the system correctly.

If a user approaches me with a problem with one of my plugins and they have bodged their system, they will simply get told to install the latest DirectX updates before I go any further with them...

Dj Chachi

Professional edition user
Posté Mon 01 Dec 08 @ 8:20 pm

You are most certainly right. I had to do it this way because I installed directX couple of times and still had the problem. I did use the link that I got from the virtualdj help center which directs me to Microsoft but it didn’t work. After putting the file manually I ran the Direct X diagnostic tool (that’s were I got the DirectX 9.c version number) and play with the program for 2 and half hours.

My concern, was exactly what you just mention, I hope that no other dependency just crops, that’s why I’m still watching out.

Will let you know if it does.

Will read your post on the subject.



Atomix Productions
Posté Mon 01 Dec 08 @ 9:29 pm
It's not 9.0c you should be downloading - DirectX updates are done by date now. Running dxwebsetup will download all the latest updates :)

This is the latest full runtime:


Posté Tue 02 Dec 08 @ 2:56 am
I provided the link to the latest full install ;)


Atomix Productions
Posté Tue 02 Dec 08 @ 7:35 am
I knew that.... erm.... ahhhh..... look it's elvis....


Posté Tue 02 Dec 08 @ 8:01 am
Hehe, ok ;)
Is there any information what is corrected - added in the latest version? I can't find any info on the site.


Atomix Productions
Posté Tue 02 Dec 08 @ 8:37 am
It's kind of hard to find out - the SDK lists all the new features, such as Direct3D 11 preview, but not any bugfixes or changes.


Professional edition user
Posté Tue 02 Dec 08 @ 5:14 pm
I had to install an older version and it corrected my issue.

Dj Chachi

Professional edition user
Posté Tue 02 Dec 08 @ 10:56 pm
So far everything working good. All effects (no video, I don't use them) working good. Just like restoring some missing file from Windows.

By the way dxwebsetup was the file I use to do the update that didnt work.


Atomix Productions
Posté Wed 03 Dec 08 @ 5:26 am
In which case you have bigger issues... ;)

Dj Chachi

Professional edition user
Posté Wed 03 Dec 08 @ 11:51 am

So far so good.

I can tell you something thou, I change my turntable needles from Stanton 500AL to Stanton 680AL. These 680 I had for long time but they where not used much, maybe like 50 hours. I know that these needles are not the best for scratching, but I got to tell you, TCV response is much, much better and I got no issue doing scratching with them (relative mode).

Definitely I'm going to move to Shure 44-7H. Still have some issues with the back spinning, but is not as bad as it was before. I know that I did some stupid comments, I was pist and frustrated at the moment, but I never stop trying to fix the problem and I never quitted on Virtualdj, like a said before I find it to be a very good product.

If I get to fix the back spinning issue I will post a video doing some scratching and beat juggling, with the only difference that I will show the monitor so every one can see without any doubt that is Virtualdj.

I apologize to y’all and I retract my self from all comments. I know you guys are always doing your best to help others (people like me)

Apologies go to:

2- Cstoll
3- adamjmeek (go chachi go chachi go

Why don’t you post a link of yourself on you tube scratching so we can see exactly where vdj doesn’t keep up with your skills?

word.) Will do will do, But I want to do it with virtualdj, not with Torq or Serato.

4- dj-in-norway
5- djkapitalkev
6- djcaraby
7 - The VIP Member that I call a jerk without knowing who he was.

And to all others who read the post but didn't post back.


Atomix Productions
Posté Wed 03 Dec 08 @ 12:03 pm
No need to apologise mate, glad you stuck with it and are making headway :)


Professional edition user
Posté Thu 04 Jun 09 @ 12:25 am
is easy and free here is the link to solve in one ease step just unzip to c:\windows\system

god look partners


Atomix Productions
Posté Thu 04 Jun 09 @ 2:48 pm
viajero wrote :
is easy and free here is the link to solve in one ease step just unzip to c:\windows\system

god look partners

Yes but it's better and advised to use the Microsoft installer to have the whole DirectX package.


Professional edition user
Posté Sun 07 Jun 09 @ 8:42 pm
Before I go updating, are these fixed valid for a Vista64 install?



No license user
Posté Fri 28 Oct 11 @ 6:30 am
Go to the link given and then click the button with the fix option.This will fix the issue of d3dx9_33.dll file

[3rd party link removed]
Posté Fri 28 Oct 11 @ 4:05 pm
It's much safer to install the proper version from Microsoft.

Please see:

Also, please don't bump old topics. This topic is over 2 years old.

[Old topic closed]

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