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I Just Bought One Yesterday And Ive Been Reading The Post You Guys Made And Im Haveing No Luck What So Ever.......... If I Cant Get To WOrk Ima Just Return It....... Evan Though I Really Want It

Posté Wed 15 Apr 09 @ 5:41 pm
Someone has mapped only the buttons or also the x-y pad ?

Posté Wed 29 Apr 09 @ 5:11 pm
5059561PRO InfinityMember since 2006
I just bought a nano pad but when I set lunch impossible to change the value on virtual dj?
Can you help me

Posté Thu 30 Apr 09 @ 3:44 am
you can download the mapper on the site and change the value for each pad

Posté Thu 30 Apr 09 @ 7:55 am
BishPRO InfinityMember since 2004
I just bought my Nano bout an hour ago. My set up is in pieces . . But not for long!!!!

Posté Wed 06 May 09 @ 2:50 am
how do you change de korg nanopad to channel 2 ?

cuz when i download the mapper thats posted in tools , the buttons don't work

Posté Sat 09 May 09 @ 8:30 am
xgl_djPRO InfinityMember since 2004
What do you mean by channel two? Do you mean scene two?

BTW. Guys you do NOT need to download the mapper from this site for the nanopad to work. Its works straight out of the box. But for those who cant figure things out, I guess it couldn't hurt.

Posté Sun 10 May 09 @ 12:22 am
baleniPRO InfinityMember since 2007
greatmesk wrote :

i just mapped my nanopad to vdj yesterday. its quite easy. the control-device-window. select general midi with right click. activate than choose settings.
2.Choose add function
3.hit a trigger. you will see the "note" on top of the window. Now you can choose a action that this trigger shall do, like clone_deck.
First look at the left, there you will find sets like browser,playlist effect and so on. on the right you see the actions,
like browser ->browserupdown, browsertoplaylist and what not. Now choose the deck that this action shall be done on like default deck
or active deck or deck 1 or deck 2.
4. Choose save/done
5. repeat step 1-4 for different triggers/actions.

Maybe you want to check the functions of the pad before you map. mine was able to control the crossfader with the x/Y-pad right out the box. that feels good, but i dont need a 3rd crossfader:D make sure to erase the mappings you dont want to avoid double-selections.

I really love my nanopad. it has so much capabilitys. 12 triggers x 4... whooohooo.

How did you guys set it? mine is like scene 1 =cuepoints/hotcues, loops, browsing...scene 2 is sampler( hello? 12 triggers=12 samples...perfect!) scene 3 are the effects.... and scene 4 aint even configured cause i dont know what else i need :D:D Any ideas??

great unit for that little amount of money. top! peace :)

Posté Wed 13 May 09 @ 12:17 pm
telex95Home userMember since 2010
Hi all,
I am a newbie when it comes to digital music. I bought the nanopad a while ago, but I still couldn't figure out how to program the pads. I did so many searches on the internet, but there doesn't seem to be any instructions on how to use this. Could someone please help me?
Thanks a bunch,

Posté Thu 15 Apr 10 @ 5:01 pm
Hi...I was wondering if you could help me out...I just my RMX & nanopad...

Could you share on how you did you setup...

As how you wrote it down here...Is suitable for me as well...But I just don't get....
Please...Hope to hear from you soon...Thanks DJ LaBori

YOur Post:
I have setup a quick mapping but plan to tweak it even more later :P

scene 1 is cues for deck 1 and 2
scene 2 is samples 1-12 top are on/off bottom 6 are drum hits etc set to momentarly
scene 3 is effects and the xy controls the dials, also controls loops in this scene
scene 4 is empty, not sure what i want to set fo it yet.

I highly reccomend one of these, the quality of the unit is beyond the small price you pay for it.

Posté Thu 06 Jan 11 @ 3:38 pm
Is nanopad a plug and play hardware? I want to buy one to partner with my typhoon.

Posté Wed 21 Sep 11 @ 2:06 pm
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