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Sujet Installing skins
I am having troubles installing the skins which i have downloaded from this site. I understand what i need to do to install a skin that is in zip format, but do not understand what i need to do with files which are of type "application/octet-stream".
Can anyone please tell me how to install this type of file as a skin?

Your help is appreciated,

Posté Sun 27 Mar 05 @ 3:45 am
I've also noticed that some downloaded skins come without the file name extension '.zip'.

Try renaming the file and add '.zip' at the end.

Posté Sun 27 Mar 05 @ 8:24 am
erxonPRO InfinityMember since 2003
it's a browser related problem. If you are not using Internet Explorer (Mozilla for example), it somehow fails to add .zip extension.

Posté Sun 27 Mar 05 @ 11:23 am
auswanHome userMember since 2005
Thank you, I think that will help me out here.

Posté Mon 09 May 05 @ 12:23 pm