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Hey has enyone used the controller and if so is it any good?

Posté Fri 09 Oct 09 @ 5:09 am
So with no replies i take it no one know anything about this controller and mapping to VDJ

Posté Sat 10 Oct 09 @ 9:51 am
I asked about that a couple of months ago.

Posté Sun 11 Oct 09 @ 5:17 pm
I haven't heard of anyone here using it yet. Actually I hadn't even heard of it until I saw the ADJ contest on Brain S Redd's YouTube page, they're giving three of them away to winners of a video contest they are doing.


Posté Mon 12 Oct 09 @ 1:19 am
I have one of the first units (pre-production) unit for about a year now. Any questions? ask away.....

PS. I have been working on a mapper with JP Boggis for the unit.

Posté Mon 12 Oct 09 @ 9:26 am
How has it lasted?

Posté Mon 12 Oct 09 @ 9:35 am
Afew questionns.
1-Is it also a sound card
2-I know there is a mic input but does it go thru the computer & then back
3-How is the sound quality
4-How do you have it configured in vdj
Also tell usnything else you can. Thanks..................

Posté Mon 12 Oct 09 @ 11:11 am
if it's midi you can use it i just took a look did not said anything about is the spec
Dual Player Features:
• Large jog wheel
• 4 sample buttons per side (Sample length can be adjusted in preference dialog / Audio system setting page, 8~30 seconds per sample if the PC hard disk memory size allow)
• 4 Hot Cue buttons per side
• Seamless Loop
• Smart loop
• X & Y Parameter adjustment
• Scratch effect
• Pitch Lock (Tempo Lock)
• Pitch Bend
• Pitch Adjustment Knob (+/- 4%, +/- 8%, +/- 16%)

Mixer Features:
• 2-channel mixer with volume faders and crossfader
• Low and High adjustment
• Microphone volume adjustment
• Master volume adjustment
• Track & Deck selectors

Rear Panel Features:
• USB Input
• Headphone Jack
• Microphone Jack
• Channel 1 & 2 RCA Outputs

Dimensions & Weight:
• Dimensions (LxWxH): 482x132x74.8mm
• Weight: 5 lbs. / 2.1 kgs.

Minimum System Requirements
• WINDOWS XP or WINDOWS VISTA (32-bit and 64-bit supported)
• PIV 1.2 GHz computer (SSE2 CPU), AMD 64 or Greater
• 1024x768 SVGA video
• DP2 Controller with built-in ASIO soundcard1 Gig RAM (XP),
• 2 GIG RAM (Vista)
• 40 MB free on the hard-drive (recommended 200MB)

Posté Tue 13 Oct 09 @ 9:39 pm
DJ Marcel_1 wrote :
How has it lasted?

Well as I said, I have used the prototype for testing the last year. Absolutely no issues with it physically. Nice solid feel and build. Not as heavy as Xone controller, but much better feeling than some of the toyish plastic controllers.

I will have a "release version" in my hands shortly, (Only real changes are some button name changes)

DJVito62 wrote :
Afew questionns.
1-Is it also a sound card
2-I know there is a mic input but does it go thru the computer & then back
3-How is the sound quality
4-How do you have it configured in vdj
Also tell usnything else you can. Thanks..................

1) ASIO compliant sound card
2) Mic input is controlled by the sound card on the unit, volume is controlled by either the (volume knob on the unit) or volume control in VDJ software.
3) Sound quality is equivelant to the (IMO) the Numark DJIO, a little less than the quality of a M-audio Fast Trak Pro
4) I was working on a mapper for VDJ with JP Boggis. I have it working with alot of work, a user friendly mapper or native mapper will be available shortly.
Anything else, I have used it for quite a few live mixshows, my only personal preference for a change would be the location of the headphone jack.

It is 100% midi....

And in the specs says supports XP/VISTA....Side note: I have done extensive testing under Windows 7 and Windows 7 64 bit, works great.

Posté Tue 13 Oct 09 @ 10:31 pm
cstollPRO InfinityMember since 2004

Posté Tue 13 Oct 09 @ 10:52 pm
not working quite yet, I am working with American Audio on integrating a sysexid into the next firmware. I am currently trying to get a dialect between myself JPBoggis and some people within American Audio to get a full working version.

Posté Tue 13 Oct 09 @ 11:09 pm
i know this will work with pcdj... check out their website isnt pcdj basically the same program as virtual dj now? which means the DP2 should work with VDJ with no problems. correct me if im wrong.

Posté Wed 14 Oct 09 @ 11:33 pm
It comes with a "lite" version of DEX, which was an application written by a completely different development crew. (ie the creator of the original PCDJ Red)

Posté Thu 15 Oct 09 @ 7:51 am
I went to my supplier and looked at this unit.

It looks good but could not get nothing to work with VDJ or windows with the built in sound card even though Windows found it ok and VDJ found both the Sound and the a midi device, Even the mic input was not producing anything with the mic. Just wondering if the 2 units we tried where faulty or if there was something i was missing in trying to get sound from just the mic to the speaker (And yes the volume was turned up on unit and speaker).

Going to install the PCDJ on another computer to test it tomorrow to see if it works with the supplied software.

Posté Thu 15 Oct 09 @ 7:31 pm
jpboggisPRO InfinityModeratorMember since 2005
As above, it is not supported in VirtualDJ yet.

But is should be as soon as a working definition and mapping is created.

The new VDJscript feature allows almost any MIDI/HID controller to be supported once a definition/mapping is created:

Posté Fri 16 Oct 09 @ 12:32 pm
Chris, Let me know if I can help in any way.

Posté Sat 17 Oct 09 @ 10:24 am
Okay, noty sure how midi or mappers work, but here is what I would need it to do and I need to know if it can be mapped for this.

1) Can the present "loop" Led's (I assume each led represents one loop number) be programmed as your cue points? I.e. the first led represents where cue 1 is and the next is cue 2.....

2) I fquestion 1 = yes, then will the arrows still move from led to led?

3) Again if question 1 & 2 = yes, can the "loop in" button be programmed to be the "cue set" button and the loop out be the "Cue Jump To" button?

4) Can the 4 "hot Cuesw" and the 4 "Sampler" buttons be reprogrammed to be one touch loop buttons 1/2, 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64 beats?

5) Can the "To Deck a" and "To Deck B" buutons be programmed as you video fadeer "take" buttons so you can use the audio/video faders unlinked?

If all of this can be done then I am sold....let us know as soon as the production model is available!!!!!

Posté Sun 18 Oct 09 @ 6:55 am
mrjmgPRO InfinityMember since 2006
i thank you who ever is working on this to work. i have a new system a Toshiba laptop and i had a older dac2, so i thought good ill get that to work well guess what it isnt supported in vista x64. so i went out over the weekend and purchased a American Audio dp2, installed the sound asio driver> started VJ 6.02 and it didn't see the dp2. i even installed the mapper from the download ares.
I did install the dex le and it sees the controller. i hope to be able to find a mapper soon and thanks for helping to get my new controller to work.

the one thing i did see was in the config tab under mapper if i would check all devices it as American audio dp2 in the drop down list so is there a way to make my new controller work that maybe i forgot to install or do something

Posté Sun 18 Oct 09 @ 7:20 pm
jpboggisPRO InfinityModeratorMember since 2005
@mrjmg: As posted above, it is not supported yet. There is work in progress on creating a definition and mapping for it.


(1) Once a definition is made, you can map the LED's how you like with VDJ script.

(2) If it works the same as the Synq PCM-1, then the arrows act as hardware radio button selectors. The controller sends a MIDI note each time this changes to indicate which has been selected. You could assign each to cue_select N (Where N is the number) and it would act as a cue point selector.

(3) Yes, these are ordinary MIDI buttons and can be mapped to whatever function you like. If mapped to set_cue and hot_cue they would act as required.

(4) Yes, you could re-assign them to loop 1, loop 4, etc.

(5) Yes, assign them to video_transition

Posté Tue 20 Oct 09 @ 1:58 pm
when will it be commercially available?

Posté Thu 22 Oct 09 @ 10:36 pm
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