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Sujet Video does not load correctly on W7 64bit (memory problem?)
jaakkoPRO InfinityMember since 2006
I just bought new laptop with Windows 7 64 bit

I use VCI-300 and latest version of asio4all and vdj version 6.04.

Performance is very very good but I have problems loading videos.

Sometimes video is not loaded correctly, after the end of the track (where it should end) 10-15 sec long audio snippet is loaded. Snippet is from the middle of the song and it's visible in the waveform. This usually does not cause problem if you mix to next song before snippet starts.

This problem occurs almost every time when I load second video before the first video is fully loaded to memory. After the problem have once occured, and I still keep playing, soon all the viideos (and even mp3!) after this are not fully loaded to memory, just few seconds ahead. This is not about MAX load settings, I have tried different values but it has no effect. So far this is only annoyance, but playing a bit more again the video freezes. This is the first problem which is visible to audience.

After restarting the vdj all the problems are gone. Until it starts again after few hours.

It seems that all the problems start when I happend to load 2 videos at the same time (not every time though but more likely if both video files are very big, over 300mb).

If I always wait until the first videos is fully loaded before loading next, I got zero problems.
Also I tested to play automix for 2 days and it works wtihout zero loading or freezing problem (and as far as I know, automix never loads 2 videos at the same time).

This is still very annoying because I dont want to pay attention to this if something is fully loaded or not when I have gig.

So what to do? Anyone else has this problem?

Posté Tue 08 Dec 09 @ 4:16 am
jaakkoPRO InfinityMember since 2006
Laptop specs:

Fujitsu, Amilo pi3660-c08
OS: Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit
4GB of memory
graphics card: NVIDIA GeForce GT240M
Intel Core2 Duo T6600, 2.2 GHz

It's a gig machine. not any other programs are installed (except some diagnostic tools).

This is not a performace problem, CPU is never even near to 100% (except if I scratch/pin both decks at the same time, but still it works perfectly).
It's not heating problem, laptop is very cool even after 2 days of playing automix, and graphics card heat is +50 Celsius at maximum.
Memory is reserved about 1GB of 4GB, it should not be a memory problem.

I play only VOB videos. the bigger files are, more likely I got problems.

Posté Tue 08 Dec 09 @ 4:25 am
jaakkoPRO InfinityMember since 2006
I have big video gig tomorrow :/

Posté Tue 08 Dec 09 @ 4:30 am
In the Performance tab, make sure the 48kHz<->44kHz is set to Basic Interpolation. Also, try downloading and installing DirectX 9c from Microsoft.

Posté Tue 08 Dec 09 @ 9:48 am
jaakkoPRO InfinityMember since 2006
I had direct x 9.0c already installed, neither helped.

But actually I did a lot more testing and I think I can address the problem now!

I can now easily reproduce the failure loading and actually found a workaround for it.

Bug occurs when:

* i have auto cue enabled on the settings
* i load video files (I have big vob files 100mb-500mb, mp3s did not cause this problem)
* The loaded video file has cue point somewhere in the middle of the track

I try to visualize the small preview waveform here:

just before loading preview waveform looks this:


---- is unloaded area of the track on the preview waveform.
| is the cue point on the preview waveform

now because autocue is on, track is automatically jumps to cue point and starts to analyze from this point.


*** is loaded area of the track on the preview waveform

analyzing is completed from the beginning of the cue point


now vdj continues the loading video from the start of the track


now analyzing is finished, or should be finished

unexpextionally VDJ loads an audio snippet in the end of the track. Track is around 15 seconds longer than it should.


Now all the other problems starts to occur - when I load 2 videos at the same time which both have cue point in the middle of track - both videos failed to load correctly and video freezes.


When autocue is DISABLED, video is always loaded from the beginning of the track, no matter where is the cue point




video gets loaded correctly everytime, no audio snippets, bugs, freezes whatsoever. I can load both decks at the same time, no bugs, no max load problem, no freezes, problem solved.

I tested a bit more and I can reproduce the error now every time when:

* i drag video to the deck and vdj begins to analyze it
* I immediately jump in the middle of the track on preview waverform so that there will be gap in the loading
* After video is fully loaded to memory there is audio snippet in the end, video screen may freeze.

If I do this even faster on the BOTH decks at the same time, video freezes every time.

It's clearly a bug. Can someone else try this?

Posté Tue 08 Dec 09 @ 3:17 pm
jaakkoPRO InfinityMember since 2006
I just reproduced this bug with my old laptop as well, which has different specs:

HP NW9440
Windows XP
2 Gb of memory
dual core 2.0MHZ
Nvidia Quadro 1500M graphics card
VDJ 6.03 installed

So this bug is probably independent of the system.

Posté Tue 08 Dec 09 @ 3:23 pm
I like the direction this discussion is going, since I use a lot of cue points with both songs and videos to chop off unnecessary song intros and get to the meat of a song for my bumper music during my karoake shows. I only get video freezes playing videos. My freezes are sporadic and seem to happen when the memory usage gets to 1.5 gigs for the VDJ application. Once I load a different video the memory frees up to about 750mgs for the app. but the usage always creeps up after awhile just letting the song play.

Posté Tue 15 Dec 09 @ 6:05 pm
anyone tried tried ripping vid to 480 x 360 and give a test ....i had same issue and worked my way down on vid size to 480 x 360 ranging from 60mb -over 100mb with out freeing stuttering or loading slowly ...just a suggestion

Posté Wed 16 Dec 09 @ 8:18 pm
jaakkoPRO InfinityMember since 2006

I hope this bug will be addressed soon! It's easy to reproduce:

* use any version of VDJ 6.0.x

* Load video which is in VOB format and over 100 mbs of size from USB hard drive. (It must be in large VOB file and loaded from eternal usb drive!)

* While analyze is progressing, immediately click on the unanalyzed area on preview waveform.

Audio snippet is loaded in the end of video

Once it occured, you will soon (after playing few tracks more) get the video freeze problem and other problems...

Workaround is to set autocue = disabled from settings and never click on unanalyzed are of the track.

Posté Tue 29 Dec 09 @ 12:02 pm
spool32PRO InfinityMember since 2007
I think they're on vacation, nobody's answered my problem for days

Posté Tue 29 Dec 09 @ 11:50 pm

Posté Thu 07 Jan 10 @ 8:09 pm
I can tell you that a lot of people are having the same problem you are. I just bought a new laptop and have the same issue. VDJ based their video engine on DirectX9 which is old and used on windows XP, anything newer than that is using DirectX 10 and 11. There are also issues with any windows 64 bit OS. We have a long thread in the general forum about this if you care to read. We are hoping VDJ creates a fix asap.

Posté Fri 08 Jan 10 @ 5:09 pm
i also noticed this this last night. i loaded a song and hit cue 1 and it jumped to the end of the track with about 20 seconds to paly. i reloaded the track and problem gone. it happened a few more times but i just reloaded and it wasn't there.

i too have asked about a few things with no answer:(

Posté Sat 09 Jan 10 @ 10:09 am
ewitlesPRO InfinityMember since 2006
I saw this as well - using VDJ 6.0.5 but 6.0.4 did not exhibit this (playing MP4).

Try this... change CODEC from Internal Video to Windows Media and see if that changes.

I also have CCCP installed as well.

I think VDJ mucked up their internal video decoder in the 6.0.x development.

Posté Sat 09 Jan 10 @ 10:23 am