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Sujet Protection error 16

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when i go into virtual dj with my hercules dj control mp3 it says protection error 16.I tried sending a ticket to virtual dj but they didnt reply yet.what shoul I do?

Pls Help

Posté Fri 15 Jan 10 @ 8:13 am
djreneePRO InfinityMember since 2004
Wait for them to reply, they will. (Only support can address your issue)

Posté Fri 15 Jan 10 @ 8:17 am
mp3jrickPRO InfinityHonorary MemberMember since 2003
Your ticket came in at 8:59 and was answered 23 minutes later.

Posté Fri 15 Jan 10 @ 8:23 am
djreneePRO InfinityMember since 2004
I've been dealing with several software vendors (Not VDJ) due to technical issues for the past few weeks after I upgraded to Win-7. The response time form these companies has ranged from 24 Hours to a week.

I'd say 23 minutes rivals E.M.S or the Fire Department and beats Dominos Pizza 30 minute deliverly claim by 7 minutes.

Rick, hold the anchovies. :^)

Posté Fri 15 Jan 10 @ 8:50 am
Thanx for ur help

Posté Fri 15 Jan 10 @ 11:19 am
heyy i need help i just got my ion dj controller the software it came with is numark le virtual dj and it says protection error what do i do?

Posté Sat 25 Dec 10 @ 11:17 am

Posté Sat 25 Dec 10 @ 2:17 pm
mm0nnHome userMember since 2011
please help me fix this error, it says "Protection error 8" please help me with this... when i play (virtualDJ pro 7) and after 10 to 20 seconds the error appears... please help me fix this.. :(( i love virtualDJ but i cant play it... very sad... please help me... do i need to download again and reinstall or should i need to download something? please help me... thanks... :((

Posté Sat 04 Jun 11 @ 6:58 am

Posté Sat 04 Jun 11 @ 12:53 pm

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