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Sujet Tablet PC.
Has anyone used VDJ with a Tablet PC? The only drawbacks I could see would be the sceen size. Other than that it seems like an optimal choice that would beat out the mouse. (And yes I know short cuts are quicker than the mouse as well!) It would seem like an interesting Idea toy around with.



Posté Sat 16 Aug 03 @ 9:26 pm
Yes. Tried it on a Progear tablet pc $499 and I do NOT recommend it.

it is one of the only ones that I know of that has a resisitive touch screen (meaning you can use your finger, no stylus needed) but didnt work well. the normal functions played fine but the record scratch was terrible

It wasnt Virtual DJ it was the 400Mhz transmetta processor that is TOO SLOW

the only software that works on this tablet is PCDJ red. All other software doesn't work well

Posté Sun 17 Aug 03 @ 2:32 am
Dev staffHome userSenior staffMember since 2003
"All other software doesn't work well" ?
Actually, AtomixMP3 works great on a tabletPC.

But it's right that I've never seen so far a touchscreen that can be easily used to "scratch".

Posté Mon 18 Aug 03 @ 3:37 pm
Not many programs work well on the Sonic Blue Progear. The progear is much cheaper and slower than regular tablet pc's.

This is not true for all tablet pc's. If you you get a 1Ghz processor or greater, you should be fine with most DJ software including virtual DJ and atomixmp3

Posté Mon 18 Aug 03 @ 6:40 pm
i have a CTL 2 go pc tablet with a capacative screen (like iphone), virtual dj works good but the dials dont work too well for me and the screens so small i can only see like two songs on the list and it doesnt shpport scrolling with the touch screen. any suggestions on what software i should use?

oh and it has 2 gigs of ram so thats not much of a problem.

Posté Fri 24 Feb 12 @ 9:19 pm
Splashtop remote works well on most tablets.

Since you have resurrected a 9 year old thread I an going to lock it. Please create a new thread should you have any further questions.


Posté Sat 25 Feb 12 @ 2:19 am