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Sujet PROTECTION ERROR 8? closes program within 2 minutes of being open..what do i do?
hjlyleHome userMember since 2010
I installed virtualdj v6.0.2 professional and it installed fine, but when i opened it, within 2 minutes the program closes and an error box comes up that says protection error 8, contact
I am working on windows xp.

is there an easy fix to this?? please help!

Posté Fri 09 Jul 10 @ 11:54 am

Posté Fri 09 Jul 10 @ 12:04 pm
AnnickaHome userMember since 2010
I'm having the same problem, Virtual DJ Pro version 6.0.2, and Protection Error 8.
Have you gotten a solution?

Posté Tue 02 Nov 10 @ 7:24 am

Posté Tue 02 Nov 10 @ 11:08 am