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Sujet VDJ and icecast (server answered: ")
dazoeHome userMember since 2010
Ok, i figured it out, and there are many threads on this and i don't want to track down every one so i created a new thread...
to make icecast work it needs a mount point.
there seems to be a bug in VDJ that takes out the / that is needed for the http source header.
to make it work the address has to have two slashes IE:

hope this helps a few people.


Posté Sat 02 Oct 10 @ 1:58 pm
Hi Dazoe,

I had the same problem however 2 slashes didn't work for me so I put only one as follows: It worked and I did not get the error message. Now I have no way to test this until I do my gig this sunday, I'm just wondering whether it will work!

When clicking start it indicated broadcasting on the IP address with the /live.ogg and the time clock was running! Wonder if anyone can confirm this is right?

Posté Tue 12 Oct 10 @ 9:37 pm
Hi Guys,

I'm really really stuck. I'm using vdj pro 7 and i need to broadcast to an icecast stream. I'm adding /live at the end of ip and I am able to connect to the icecast stream.
I cut into the auto stream but the music wont play in the stream.
Please please help if you can! Am I missing something?



Posté Fri 04 Mar 11 @ 10:45 am
remidvLE userMember since 2010
I had this problem too.
the thing you should do is tick the good cast
from above on your config window.

I hope it works and sorry for my bad english;)

Posté Fri 07 Dec 12 @ 12:09 pm
hcbj1Home userMember since 2011
i don not get what u mean sorry can anyone say it better but thanks for trying

Posté Thu 21 Feb 13 @ 10:36 pm
virtual dj uses legacy method to connect to shoutcast
THIS MEANS that you must do the following:

enter server

enter name

THEN in box for password you must do this
enter your password followed by the : then the # and then enter your id stream num the one simm. to 940000

Posté Wed 13 Sep 17 @ 10:05 pm