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Sujet Can't Connect to Internet
lcmxr6PRO InfinityMember since 2009
Is anyone else having this problem? I'm trying to refresh my cache songs, but I can't get VDJ to connect to the internet on my lappy or my PC.

Posté Fri 12 Nov 10 @ 4:42 pm
I was having trouble today getting to this site but did not try net search from the program

posting this from my phone I can't seem to gey internet explore to find or get my vdj program to log in either!

Posté Fri 12 Nov 10 @ 6:06 pm
lcmxr6PRO InfinityMember since 2009
Think the sever was down or something its working again now ;)

Posté Fri 12 Nov 10 @ 6:30 pm
Yeah, the whole site was down earlier today. There have been webhosting problems for a while now. I posted a question about it on the VIP forum but I think the updhot is that the teamers were looking in to it.

Posté Fri 12 Nov 10 @ 9:26 pm
yep at a gig now and no net search.... No special request tonight :(

Posté Fri 12 Nov 10 @ 9:33 pm
SBDJPRO InfinityDevelopment TeamMember since 2006

Posté Sat 13 Nov 10 @ 3:52 am
Yes it was down last night and what bad timing on a Friday night. Even this website was down.

Guess it shows just how dependent we are becoming to netsearch. lol.

Glad all is working again today.

DJ James

Posté Sat 13 Nov 10 @ 2:08 pm
I have no Wifi or GSM in my club so it was a normal night for me :)

Posté Sat 13 Nov 10 @ 2:31 pm
please i can connect my virtual dj software to the internet, please what can i do to it?

Posté Thu 16 Jan 14 @ 4:13 am
Wow. 4 years.

If you are having problems I suggest opening anew thread and being a bit more specific about your issues. Ie what do you need. Vdj connected to the internet for??

Posté Thu 16 Jan 14 @ 5:01 am
Only premium subscribers are able to connect to the subscriptions services. Please look here. This thread is old and is locked.

Posté Thu 16 Jan 14 @ 3:05 pm